Holidays and observances

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances


613 - Eight-month-old Constantine is crowned as co-emperor (Caesar) by his father Heraclius at Constantinople.


871Battle of Basing: The West Saxons led by King Æthelred I are defeated by the Danelaw Vikings at Basing.


1506 - The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards arrives at the Vatican.

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1517 - The Ottoman Empire under Selim I defeats the Mamluk Sultanate and captures present-day Egypt at the Battle of Ridaniya.

Events503 years ago

1555 - The Ava Kingdom falls to the Taungoo Dynasty in what is now Myanmar.

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1689 - The Convention Parliament convenes to determine whether James II and VII, the last Roman Catholic monarch of England, Ireland and Scotland, had vacated the thrones of England and Ireland when he fled to France in 1688.

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1824 - The Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast.

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1849 - Second Anglo-Sikh War: The Siege of Multan ends after nine months when the last Sikh defenders of Multan, Punjab, surrender.

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1863 - The January Uprising breaks out in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. The aim of the national movement is to regain Polish–Lithuanian–Ruthenian Commonwealth from occupation by Russia.

Events157 years ago

1879 - The Battle of Isandlwana during the Anglo-Zulu War results in a British defeat.

Events141 years ago

1879 - The Battle of Rorke's Drift, also during the Anglo-Zulu War and just some 15 km away from Isandlwana, results in a British victory.

Events141 years ago

1889 - Columbia Phonograph is formed in Washington, D.C.

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1901 - Edward VII is proclaimed King after the death of his mother, Queen Victoria.

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1906 - SS Valencia runs aground on rocks on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, killing more than 130.

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1915 - Over 600 people are killed in Guadalajara, Mexico, when a train plunges off the tracks into a deep canyon.

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1917 - World War I: President Woodrow Wilson of the still-neutral United States calls for "peace without victory" in Europe.

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1927 - Teddy Wakelam gives the first live radio commentary of a football match anywhere in the world, between Arsenal F.C. and Sheffield United at Highbury.

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1943 - World War II: Australian and American forces defeat Japanese army and navy units in the bitterly fought Battle of Buna–Gona.

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1944 - World War II: The Allies commence Operation Shingle, an assault on Anzio and Nettuno, Italy.

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1946 - In Iran, Qazi Muhammad declares the independent people's Republic of Mahabad at Chahar Cheragh Square in the Kurdish city of Mahabad; he becomes the new president and Haji Baba Sheikh becomes the prime minister.

Events74 years ago

1946 - Creation of the Central Intelligence Group, forerunner of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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1947 - KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, begins operation in Hollywood.

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1957 - Israel withdraws from the Sinai Peninsula.

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1957 - The New York City "Mad Bomber", George P. Metesky, is arrested in Waterbury, Connecticut and charged with planting more than 30 bombs.

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1963 - The Élysée Treaty of cooperation between France and Germany is signed by Charles de Gaulle and Konrad Adenauer.

Events57 years ago

1968 - Apollo 5 lifts off carrying the first Lunar module into space.

Events52 years ago

1968 - Operation Igloo White, a US electronic surveillance system to stop communist infiltration into South Vietnam begins installation.

Events52 years ago

1970 - The Boeing 747, the world's first "jumbo jet", enters commercial service for launch customer Pan American Airways with its maiden voyage from John F. Kennedy International Airport to London Heathrow Airport.

Events50 years ago

1971 - The Singapore Declaration, one of the two most important documents to the uncodified constitution of the Commonwealth of Nations, is issued.

Events49 years ago

1973 - The Supreme Court of the United States delivers its decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, legalizing elective abortion in all fifty states.

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1973 - The crew of Apollo 17 addresses a joint session of Congress after the completion of the final Apollo moon landing mission.

Events47 years ago

1973 - A chartered Boeing 707 explodes in flames upon landing at Kano Airport, Nigeria, killing 176.

Events47 years ago

1973 - In a bout for the world heavyweight boxing championship in Kingston, Jamaica, challenger George Foreman knocks down champion Joe Frazier six times in the first two rounds before the fight is stopped by referee Arthur Mercante.

Events47 years ago

1984 - The Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface, is introduced during a Super Bowl XVIII television commercial.

Events36 years ago

1987 - Philippine security forces open fire on a crowd of 10,000–15,000 demonstrators at Malacañang Palace, Manila, killing 13.

Events33 years ago

1992 - Rebel forces occupy Zaire's national radio station in Kinshasa and broadcast a demand for the government's resignation.

Events28 years ago

1992 - Space Shuttle program: Dr. Roberta Bondar becomes the first Canadian woman and the first neurologist in space.

Events28 years ago

1995 - Israeli–Palestinian conflict: Beit Lid massacre: In central Israel, near Netanya, two Gazans blow themselves up at a military transit point, killing 19 Israelis.

Events25 years ago

1999 - Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons are burned alive by radical Hindus while sleeping in their car in Eastern India.

Events21 years ago

2002 - Kmart becomes the largest retailer in United States history to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Events18 years ago

2006 - Evo Morales is inaugurated as President of Bolivia, becoming the country's first indigenous president.

Events14 years ago

2007 - At least 88 people are killed when two car bombs explode in the Bab Al-Sharqi market in central Baghdad, Iraq.

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2015 - An explosion near a civilian trolley-bus in Donetsk kills at least thirteen people.

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826 - Emperor Montoku of Japan (d. 858)


1263 - Ibn Taymiyyah, Syrian scholar and theologian (d. 1328)

Births757 years ago

1440 - Ivan III of Russia (d. 1505)

Births580 years ago
Births498 years ago

1552 - Walter Raleigh, English poet, soldier, courtier, and explorer (d. 1618)

Births468 years ago

1561 - Francis Bacon, English philosopher and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales (d. 1626)

Births459 years ago

1570 - Sir Robert Cotton, 1st Baronet, of Connington, English historian and politician, founded the Cotton library (d. 1631)

Births450 years ago

1573 - John Donne, English poet and cleric in the Church of England, wrote the Holy Sonnets. (d. 1631)

Births447 years ago

1592 - Pierre Gassendi, French mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher (d. 1655)

Births428 years ago

1645 - William Kidd, Scottish sailor and pirate hunter (d. 1701)

Births375 years ago

1654 - Richard Blackmore, English physician and poet (d. 1729)

Births366 years ago

1690 - Nicolas Lancret, French painter (d. 1743)

Births330 years ago

1729 - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, German philosopher and author (d. 1781)

Births291 years ago

1733 - Philip Carteret, English admiral and explorer (d. 1796)

Births287 years ago

1740 - Noah Phelps, American soldier, lawyer, and judge (d. 1809)

Births280 years ago

1781 - François Habeneck, French violinist and conductor (d. 1849)

Births239 years ago

1788 - Lord Byron, English poet and playwright (d. 1824)

Births232 years ago

1792 - Lady Lucy Whitmore, English noblewoman, hymn writer (d. 1840)

Births228 years ago

1796 - Karl Ernst Claus, Estonian-Russian chemist, botanist, and academic (d. 1864)

Births224 years ago
Births223 years ago

1799 - Ludger Duvernay, Canadian journalist, publisher, and politician (d. 1852)

Births221 years ago

1802 - Richard Upjohn, English-American architect (d. 1878)

Births218 years ago

1828 - Dayrolles Eveleigh-de-Moleyns, 4th Baron Ventry, Irish hereditary peer (d. 1914)

Births192 years ago
Births189 years ago

1840 - Ernest Wilberforce, English bishop (d. 1907)

Births180 years ago

1849 - August Strindberg, Swedish novelist, poet, and playwright (d. 1912)

Births171 years ago

1858 - Beatrice Webb, English sociologist and economist (d. 1943)

Births162 years ago

1861 - George Fuller, Australian politician, 22nd Premier of New South Wales (d. 1940)

Births159 years ago

1865 - Wilbur Scoville, American chemist and pharmacist (d. 1942)

Births155 years ago

1867 - Gisela Januszewska, Jewish-Austrian physician (d. 1943)

Births153 years ago

1869 - José Vicente de Freitas, Portuguese colonel and politician, 97th Prime Minister of Portugal (d. 1952)

Births151 years ago

1874 - Edward Harkness, American philanthropist (d. 1940)

Births146 years ago

1874 - Jay Hughes, American baseball player and coach (d. 1924)

Births146 years ago

1875 - D. W. Griffith, American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1948)

Births145 years ago

1877 - Tom Jones, American baseball player and manager (d. 1923)

Births143 years ago

1879 - Francis Picabia, French painter and poet (d. 1953)

Births141 years ago

1880 - Bill O'Neill, Canadian-American baseball player (d. 1920)

Births140 years ago

1880 - Frigyes Riesz, Hungarian mathematician and academic (d. 1956)

Births140 years ago

1881 - Ira Thomas, American baseball player and manager (d. 1958)

Births139 years ago

1886 - John J. Becker, American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1961)

Births134 years ago

1887 - Helen Hoyt, American poet and author (d. 1972)

Births133 years ago

1889 - Henri Pélissier, French cyclist (d. 1935)

Births131 years ago

1889 - Amos Strunk, American baseball player and manager (d. 1979)

Births131 years ago

1890 - Fred M. Vinson, American judge and politician, 13th Chief Justice of the United States (d. 1953)

Births130 years ago

1891 - Antonio Gramsci, Italian philosopher and politician (d. 1937)

Births129 years ago

1892 - Marcel Dassault, French businessman, founded Dassault Aviation (d. 1986)

Births128 years ago

1893 - Conrad Veidt, German-American actor, director, and producer (d. 1943)

Births127 years ago

1897 - Rosa Ponselle, American operatic soprano (d. 1981)

Births123 years ago

1897 - Dilipkumar Roy, a Bengali Indian musician, musicologist, novelist, poet and essayist. (d. 1980)

Births123 years ago

1898 - Ross Barnett, American lawyer and politician, 52nd Governor of Mississippi (d. 1987)

Births122 years ago

1898 - Sergei Eisenstein, Russian director and screenwriter (d. 1948)

Births122 years ago

1898 - Denise Legeay, French actress (d. 1968)

Births122 years ago

1899 - Martti Haavio, Finnish poet and mythologist (d. 1973)

Births121 years ago

1900 - Ernst Busch, German actor and singer (d. 1980)

Births120 years ago

1902 - Daniel Kinsey, American hurdler, coach, and academic (d. 1970)

Births118 years ago

1903 - Fritz Houtermans, Polish-German physicist and academic (d. 1966)

Births117 years ago

1904 - George Balanchine, Georgian-American dancer, choreographer, and director, co-founded the New York City Ballet (d. 1983)

Births116 years ago

1904 - Arkady Gaidar, Russian journalist and author (d. 1941)

Births116 years ago

1905 - Willy Hartner, German physicist, historian, and academic (d. 1981)

Births115 years ago

1906 - Robert E. Howard, American author and poet (d. 1936)

Births114 years ago

1907 - Douglas Corrigan, American pilot and engineer (d. 1995)

Births113 years ago

1907 - Dixie Dean, English footballer (d. 1980)

Births113 years ago

1908 - Lev Landau, Azerbaijani-Russian physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1968)

Births112 years ago

1908 - Prince Oana, American baseball player and manager (d. 1976)

Births112 years ago

1909 - Porfirio Rubirosa, Dominican race car driver, polo player, and diplomat (d. 1965)

Births111 years ago

1909 - Ann Sothern, American actress and singer (d. 2001)

Births111 years ago

1909 - U Thant, Burmese educator and diplomat, 3rd United Nations Secretary-General (d. 1974)

Births111 years ago

1911 - Bruno Kreisky, Austrian lawyer and politician, 22nd Chancellor of Austria (d. 1990)

Births109 years ago

1913 - Henry Bauchau, Belgian psychoanalyst and author (d. 2012)

Births107 years ago

1913 - William Conway, Irish cardinal (d. 1977)

Births107 years ago

1913 - Carl F. H. Henry, American theologian and publisher (d. 2003)

Births107 years ago

1914 - Dimitris Dragatakis, Greek violinist and composer (d. 2001)

Births106 years ago

1915 - Heinrich Albertz, German theologian and politician, Mayor of Berlin (d. 1993)

Births105 years ago

1916 - Bill Durnan, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 1972)

Births104 years ago

1916 - Henri Dutilleux, French pianist, composer, and educator (d. 2013)

Births104 years ago

1916 - Harilal Upadhyay, Indian author, poet, and astrologist (d. 1994)

Births104 years ago

1918 - Elmer Lach, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2015)

Births102 years ago

1919 - Diomedes Olivo, Dominican baseball player and scout (d. 1977)

Births101 years ago

1920 - Irving Kristol, American journalist, author, and academic, founded The National Interest (d. 2009)

Births100 years ago

1920 - Alf Ramsey, English footballer and coach (d. 1999)

Births100 years ago

1922 - Howard Moss, American poet, playwright and critic (d. 1987)

Births98 years ago

1923 - Diana Douglas, British-American actress (d. 2015)

Births97 years ago

1924 - J. J. Johnson, American trombonist and composer (d. 2001)

Births96 years ago

1924 - Ján Chryzostom Korec, Slovak cardinal (d. 2015)

Births96 years ago

1924 - Charles Lisanby, American production designer and art director (d. 2013)

Births96 years ago

1925 - Johnny Bucha, American baseball player (d. 1996)

Births95 years ago

1925 - Bobby Young, American baseball player (d. 1985)

Births95 years ago

1927 - Lou Creekmur, American football player and sportscaster (d. 2009)

Births93 years ago

1927 - Joe Perry, American footballer (d. 2011)

Births93 years ago

1928 - Yoshihiko Amino, Japanese historian, author, and academic (d. 2004)

Births92 years ago

1929 - Petr Eben, Czech composer, organist and choirmaster (d. 2007)

Births91 years ago

1930 - Mariví Bilbao, Spanish actress (d. 2013)

Births90 years ago

1930 - Éamon de Buitléar, Irish accordion player and director (d. 2013)

Births90 years ago

1931 - Sam Cooke, American singer-songwriter (d. 1964)

Births89 years ago

1931 - Galina Zybina, Russian shot putter and javelin thrower

Births89 years ago

1932 - Berthold Grünfeld, Norwegian psychiatrist and academic (d. 2007)

Births88 years ago

1932 - Piper Laurie, American actress

Births88 years ago

1933 - Yuri Chesnokov, Russian volleyball player and coach (d. 2010)

Births87 years ago

1934 - Vijay Anand, Indian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2004)

Births86 years ago

1934 - Bill Bixby, American actor and director (d. 1993)

Births86 years ago

1934 - Graham Kerr, English chef and author

Births86 years ago

1935 - Alexander Men, Russian priest and scholar (d. 1990)

Births85 years ago

1936 - Ong Teng Cheong, Singaporean architect and politician, 5th President of Singapore (d. 2002)

Births84 years ago

1936 - Alan J. Heeger, American physicist and chemist, Nobel Prize laureate

Births84 years ago

1937 - Edén Pastora, Nicaraguan politician

Births83 years ago

1937 - Joseph Wambaugh, American police officer and author

Births83 years ago

1938 - Peter Beard, Australian photographer and author

Births82 years ago

1938 - Joe Esposito, American author (d. 2016)

Births82 years ago

1938 - Altair Gomes de Figueiredo, Brazilian footballer

Births82 years ago

1939 - Jørgen Garde, Danish admiral (d. 1996)

Births81 years ago

1939 - Alfredo Palacio, Ecuadoran physician and politician, President of Ecuador

Births81 years ago

1939 - Luigi Simoni, Italian footballer and manager

Births81 years ago

1939 - J. C. Tremblay, Canadian ice hockey player and scout (d. 1994)

Births81 years ago

1940 - John Hurt, English actor (d. 2017)

Births80 years ago

1940 - George Seifert, American football player and coach

Births80 years ago

1940 - Gillian Shephard, English educator and politician, Secretary of State for Education

Births80 years ago

1941 - Jaan Kaplinski, Estonian poet, philosopher, and critic

Births79 years ago

1942 - Mimis Domazos, Greek footballer

Births78 years ago

1943 - Michael Spicer, English journalist and politician

Births77 years ago

1944 - Khosrow Golsorkhi, Iranian journalist, poet, and activist (d. 1974)

Births76 years ago

1944 - Uto Ughi, Italian violinist and conductor

Births76 years ago

1945 - Jophery Brown, American baseball player, actor, and stuntman (d. 2014)

Births75 years ago

1945 - Jean-Pierre Nicolas, French race car driver and manager

Births75 years ago

1945 - Christoph Schönborn, Austrian cardinal

Births75 years ago

1945 - Alojz Uran, Slovenian archbishop

Births75 years ago

1946 - Malcolm McLaren, English singer-songwriter and manager (d. 2010)

Births74 years ago

1946 - Serge Savard, Canadian ice hockey player and manager

Births74 years ago

1947 - Vladimir Oravsky, Czech-Swedish author and director

Births73 years ago

1948 - Gilbert Levine, American conductor and academic

Births72 years ago

1949 - Mike Caldwell, American baseball player and coach

Births71 years ago

1949 - J.P. Pennington, American country-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births71 years ago

1949 - Steve Perry, American singer-songwriter and producer

Births71 years ago

1950 - Paul Bew, Northern Irish historian and academic

Births70 years ago

1950 - Frank Schade, American basketball player and coach

Births70 years ago

1951 - Ondrej Nepela, Slovak figure skater and coach (d. 1989)

Births69 years ago

1951 - Leon Roberts, American baseball player and manager

Births69 years ago

1952 - Ramón Avilés, Puerto Rican-American baseball player

Births68 years ago

1953 - Winfried Berkemeier, German footballer and manager

Births67 years ago

1953 - Myung-whun Chung, South Korean pianist and conductor

Births67 years ago

1953 - Jim Jarmusch, American director and screenwriter

Births67 years ago

1955 - Thomas David Jones, American captain, pilot, and astronaut

Births65 years ago

1955 - Timothy R. Ferguson, American politician

Births65 years ago

1956 - Steve Riley, American drummer

Births64 years ago

1957 - Mike Bossy, Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

Births63 years ago

1957 - Brian Dayett, American baseball player and manager

Births63 years ago

1957 - Godfrey Thoma, Nauruan politician

Births63 years ago

1957 - Francis Wheen, English journalist and author

Births63 years ago

1958 - Nikos Anastopoulos, Greek footballer and manager

Births62 years ago

1958 - Filiz Koçali, Turkish journalist and politician

Births62 years ago

1959 - Linda Blair, American actress

Births61 years ago

1960 - Michael Hutchence, Australian singer-songwriter (d. 1997)

Births60 years ago

1961 - Quintin Dailey, American basketball player (d. 2010)

Births59 years ago

1961 - Daniel Johnston, American musician

Births59 years ago

1962 - Jimmy Herring, American guitarist

Births58 years ago

1962 - Huw Irranca-Davies, Welsh lawyer and politician

Births58 years ago

1962 - Mizan Zainal Abidin of Terengganu, Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia

Births58 years ago

1964 - Nigel Benn, English-Australian boxer

Births56 years ago

1964 - Stojko Vranković, Croatian basketball player

Births56 years ago

1965 - Steven Adler, American rock drummer

Births55 years ago

1965 - DJ Jazzy Jeff, American DJ and producer

Births55 years ago

1965 - Diane Lane, American actress

Births55 years ago

1965 - Andrew Roachford, English singer-songwriter and keyboard player

Births55 years ago

1966 - Craig Salvatori, Australian rugby league player and coach

Births54 years ago

1967 - Nick Gillingham, English swimmer

Births53 years ago

1968 - Guy Fieri, American chef, author, and television host

Births52 years ago

1968 - Heath, Japanese singer-songwriter and bass player

Births52 years ago

1968 - Frank Leboeuf, French footballer, sportscaster, and actor

Births52 years ago

1968 - Mauricio Serna, Colombian footballer

Births52 years ago

1969 - Olivia d'Abo, English-American singer-songwriter and actress

Births51 years ago

1969 - Keith Gordon, American baseball player and coach

Births51 years ago

1970 - Jason Lowrie, New Zealand rugby league player and coach

Births50 years ago

1970 - Abraham Olano, Spanish cyclist

Births50 years ago

1971 - Stan Collymore, English footballer and sportscaster

Births49 years ago

1972 - Terry Hill, Australian rugby league player and coach

Births48 years ago

1973 - Rogério Ceni, Brazilian footballer

Births47 years ago

1974 - Cameron McConville, Australian race car driver and sportscaster

Births46 years ago

1974 - Joseph Muscat, Maltese journalist and politician, 13th Prime Minister of Malta

Births46 years ago

1976 - Jimmy Anderson, American baseball player and coach

Births44 years ago

1976 - James Dearth, American football player

Births44 years ago

1977 - Mario Domm, Mexican singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer

Births43 years ago

1977 - Anna Linkova, Russian tennis player

Births43 years ago

1977 - Hidetoshi Nakata, Japanese footballer

Births43 years ago

1977 - Luciano Andrade Rissutt, Brazilian footballer

Births43 years ago

1978 - Chone Figgins, American baseball player

Births42 years ago

1979 - Aidan Burley, New Zealand-English politician

Births41 years ago

1979 - Carlos Ruiz, Panamanian baseball player

Births41 years ago

1979 - Chor Boogie, American artist

Births41 years ago

1980 - Jonathan Woodgate, English footballer

Births40 years ago

1981 - Willa Ford, American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

Births39 years ago

1981 - Beverley Mitchell, American actress

Births39 years ago

1981 - Ben Moody, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer, and actor

Births39 years ago

1981 - Ibrahima Sonko, French footballer

Births39 years ago

1981 - Guy Wilks, English race car driver

Births39 years ago

1982 - Fabricio Coloccini, Argentinian footballer

Births38 years ago

1983 - Shaun Cody, American football player

Births37 years ago

1984 - Ben Eager, Canadian ice hockey player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Ubaldo Jiménez, Dominican baseball player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Leon Powe, American basketball player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Maceo Rigters, Dutch footballer

Births36 years ago

1985 - Fotios Papoulis, Greek footballer

Births35 years ago

1986 - Maher Magri, Tunisian footballer

Births34 years ago

1986 - Matt Simon, Australian footballer

Births34 years ago

1987 - Astrid Jacobsen, Norwegian skier

Births33 years ago

1987 - Shane Long, Irish footballer

Births33 years ago

1987 - Ray Rice, American football player

Births33 years ago

1988 - Asher Allen, American football player

Births32 years ago

1988 - Greg Oden, American basketball player

Births32 years ago

1988 - Marcel Schmelzer, German footballer

Births32 years ago

1989 - Theo Robinson, English-Jamaican footballer

Births31 years ago

1990 - Alizé Cornet, French tennis player

Births30 years ago

1990 - Dean Whare, New Zealand rugby league player

Births30 years ago

1990 - Logic, American rapper

Births30 years ago

1990 - Phil Wang, British-Malaysian comedian

Births30 years ago

1991 - Marcus Canty, American singer and dancer

Births29 years ago

1991 - Stefan Kolb, German footballer

Births29 years ago

1991 - Alex MacDowall, English race car driver

Births29 years ago

1993 - Rio Haryanto, Indonesian race car driver

Births27 years ago

1996 - Joshua Ho-Sang, Canadian ice hockey player

Births24 years ago

1998 - Silento, American rapper, singer and songwriter

Births22 years ago


239 - Cao Rui, Chinese emperor (b. 205)


906 - He, empress of the Tang Dynasty


935 - Ma, empress of Southern Han


1051 - Ælfric Puttoc, archbishop of York

Deaths969 years ago

1170 - Wang Chongyang, Chinese Daoist and co-founder of the Quanzhen School (b. 1113)

Deaths850 years ago
Deaths832 years ago
Deaths679 years ago

1517 - Hadım Sinan Pasha, Ottoman politician, 32nd Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire (b. ?)

Deaths503 years ago

1536 - Bernhard Knipperdolling, German religious leader (b. 1495)

Deaths484 years ago

1536 - John of Leiden, Anabaptist leader from the Dutch city of Leiden (b. 1509)

Deaths484 years ago

1552 - Edward Seymour, 1st Duke of Somerset, English general and politician, Lord High Treasurer of England (b. 1500)

Deaths468 years ago

1560 - Wang Zhi, Chinese pirate

Deaths460 years ago
Deaths445 years ago

1599 - Cristofano Malvezzi, Italian organist and composer (b. 1547)

Deaths421 years ago

1666 - Shah Jahan, Mughal emperor (b. 1592)

Deaths354 years ago

1750 - Franz Xaver Josef von Unertl, Bavarian politician (b. 1675)

Deaths270 years ago
Deaths257 years ago

1767 - Johann Gottlob Lehmann, German meteorologist and geologist (b. 1719)

Deaths253 years ago

1779 - Jeremiah Dixon, English surveyor and astronomer (b. 1733)

Deaths241 years ago

1779 - Claudius Smith, American guerrilla leader (b. 1736)

Deaths241 years ago

1798 - Lewis Morris, American judge and politician (b. 1726)

Deaths222 years ago

1840 - Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, German physician, physiologist, and anthropologist (b. 1752)

Deaths180 years ago

1850 - Vincent Pallotti, Italian missionary and saint (b. 1795)

Deaths170 years ago

1879 - Anthony Durnford, Irish colonel (b. 1830)

Deaths141 years ago

1879 - Henry Pulleine, English colonel (b. 1838)

Deaths141 years ago

1892 - Joseph P. Bradley, American lawyer and jurist (b. 1813)

Deaths128 years ago

1900 - David Edward Hughes, Welsh-American physicist, co-invented the microphone (b. 1831)

Deaths120 years ago

1901 - Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom (b. 1819)

Deaths119 years ago

1901 - Emil Erlenmeyer, German chemist and academic (b. 1825)

Deaths119 years ago

1921 - George Streeter, American captain and businessman (b. 1837)

Deaths99 years ago

1922 - Fredrik Bajer, Danish educator and politician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1837)

Deaths98 years ago

1922 - Pope Benedict XV (b. 1854)

Deaths98 years ago

1922 - Camille Jordan, French mathematician and academic (b. 1838)

Deaths98 years ago

1925 - Fanny Bullock Workman, American geographer and mountain climber (b. 1859)

Deaths95 years ago

1927 - James Ford Rhodes, American historian and author (b. 1848)

Deaths93 years ago

1929 - R. C. Lehmann, English journalist, author, and politician (b. 1856)

Deaths91 years ago

1930 - Stephen Mather, American businessman and conservationist, co-founded the Thorkildsen-Mather Borax Company (b. 1867)

Deaths90 years ago

1931 - László Batthyány-Strattmann, Hungarian physician and ophthalmologist (b. 1870)

Deaths89 years ago

1945 - Else Lasker-Schüler, German poet and playwright (b. 1869)

Deaths75 years ago

1949 - William Thomas Walsh, American author, poet, and playwright (b. 1891)

Deaths71 years ago

1950 - Alan Hale, Sr., American actor and director (b. 1892)

Deaths70 years ago

1951 - Lawson Robertson, Scottish-American sprinter and high jumper (b. 1883)

Deaths69 years ago

1957 - Ralph Barton Perry, American philosopher and academic (b. 1876)

Deaths63 years ago

1959 - Mike Hawthorn, English race car driver (b. 1929)

Deaths61 years ago

1964 - Marc Blitzstein, American pianist and composer (b. 1905)

Deaths56 years ago

1966 - Herbert Marshall, English actor (b. 1890)

Deaths54 years ago

1968 - Duke Kahanamoku, American swimmer and water polo player (b. 1890)

Deaths52 years ago

1971 - Harry Frank Guggenheim, American businessman and publisher, co-founded Newsday (b. 1890)

Deaths49 years ago

1973 - Lyndon B. Johnson, American lieutenant and politician, 36th President of the United States (b. 1908)

Deaths47 years ago

1975 - Andrew George Burry, Swiss-American businessman and philanthropist (b. 1873)

Deaths45 years ago

1977 - Ibrahim bin Abdullah Al Suwaiyel, Saudi Arabian diplomat (b. 1916)

Deaths43 years ago

1978 - Oliver Leese, English general (b. 1894)

Deaths42 years ago

1978 - Herbert Sutcliffe, English cricketer and soldier (b. 1894)

Deaths42 years ago

1979 - Ali Hassan Salameh, Palestinian rebel leader (b. 1940)

Deaths41 years ago

1980 - Yitzhak Baer, German-Israeli historian and academic (b. 1888)

Deaths40 years ago

1981 - Ishtiaq Hussain Qureshi, Pakistani historian and academic (b. 1903)

Deaths39 years ago

1982 - Eduardo Frei Montalva, Chilean lawyer and politician, 28th President of Chile (b. 1911)

Deaths38 years ago

1985 - Arthur Bryant, English historian and journalist (b. 1899)

Deaths35 years ago

1987 - R. Budd Dwyer, American educator and politician, 30th Treasurer of Pennsylvania (b. 1939)

Deaths33 years ago

1989 - S. Vithiananthan, Sri Lankan author and academic (b. 1924)

Deaths31 years ago

1991 - Robert Choquette, Canadian author, poet and diplomat (b. 1905)

Deaths29 years ago

1993 - Kōbō Abe, Japanese playwright and photographer (b. 1924)

Deaths27 years ago

1994 - Jean-Louis Barrault, French actor and director (b. 1910)

Deaths26 years ago

1994 - Telly Savalas, American actor (b. 1924)

Deaths26 years ago

1996 - Israel Eldad, Polish-Israeli philosopher and author (b. 1910)

Deaths24 years ago

1997 - Billy Mackenzie, Scottish singer-songwriter (b. 1957)

Deaths23 years ago

1999 - Graham Staines, Australian-Indian missionary and translator (b. 1941)

Deaths21 years ago

2000 - Craig Claiborne, American journalist, author, and critic (b. 1920)

Deaths20 years ago

2000 - Anne Hébert, Canadian author and poet (b. 1916)

Deaths20 years ago

2001 - Tommie Agee, American baseball player (b. 1942)

Deaths19 years ago

2001 - Roy Brown, American clown and puppeteer (b. 1932)

Deaths19 years ago

2003 - Bill Mauldin, American soldier and cartoonist (b. 1921)

Deaths17 years ago

2004 - Billy May, American trumpet player and composer (b. 1916)

Deaths16 years ago

2004 - Tom Mead, Australian journalist and politician (b. 1918)

Deaths16 years ago

2004 - Ann Miller, American actress, singer, and dancer (b. 1923)

Deaths16 years ago

2005 - César Gutiérrez, Venezuelan baseball player, coach, and manager (b. 1943)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Carlo Orelli, Italian soldier (b. 1894)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Consuelo Velázquez, Mexican pianist and songwriter (b. 1924)

Deaths15 years ago

2006 - Aydın Güven Gürkan, Turkish academic and politician, Turkish Minister of Labor and Social Security (b. 1941)

Deaths14 years ago

2007 - Ngô Quang Trưởng, Vietnamese general (b. 1929)

Deaths13 years ago

2007 - Abbé Pierre, French priest and activist (b. 1912)

Deaths13 years ago

2007 - Liz Renay, American actress, author and performer (b. 1926)

Deaths13 years ago

2008 - Heath Ledger, Australian actor and director (b. 1979)

Deaths12 years ago

2008 - Miles Lerman, Polish Holocaust survivor and activist (b. 1920)

Deaths12 years ago

2009 - Billy Werber, American baseball player (b. 1908)

Deaths11 years ago

2010 - Louis R. Harlan, American historian and author (b. 1922)

Deaths10 years ago

2010 - Jean Simmons, English-American actress (b. 1929)

Deaths10 years ago

2012 - Simon Marsden, English photographer and author (b. 1948)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Joe Paterno, American football player and coach (b. 1926)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Clarence Tillenius, Canadian painter and environmentalist (b. 1913)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Dick Tufeld, American actor, announcer, narrator and voice actor (b. 1926)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - Robert Bonnaud, French historian and academic (b. 1929)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Hinton Mitchem, American businessman and politician (b. 1938)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Maziar Partow, Iranian cinematographer (b. 1933)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Fabrizio de Miranda, Italian engineer and academic, co-designed the Rande Bridge (b. 1926)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Wendell H. Ford, American lieutenant and politician, 53rd Governor of Kentucky (b. 1924)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Margaret Bloy Graham, Canadian author and illustrator (b. 1920)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Homayoun Behzadi, Iranian footballer and coach (b. 1942)

Deaths4 years ago

2016 - Cecil Parkinson, English politician (b. 1931)

Deaths4 years ago

2016 - Lois Ramsey, Australian actress (b. 1922)

Deaths4 years ago

2016 - Kamer Genç, Turkish politician (b. 1940)

Deaths4 years ago

2017 - Masaya Nakamura, Japanese businessman (b. 1925)

Deaths3 years ago

2017 - Yordano Ventura, Dominican baseball player (b. 1991)

Deaths3 years ago

2018 - Ursula K. Le Guin, American sci-fi and fantasy novelist (b. 1929)

Deaths2 years ago

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