Holidays and observances

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances

Earliest day on which Constitution Day can fall, while February 7 is the latest; celebrated on the first Monday in February. (Mexico)

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances

Imbolc (Ireland, Scotland, Isle of Man, and some Neopagan groups in the Northern hemisphere)

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances

The start of Black History Month (United States and Canada)

Holidays and observances


481 - Vandal king Huneric organises a conference between Catholic and Arian bishops at Carthage.


1327 - The teenaged Edward III is crowned King of England, but the country is ruled by his mother Queen Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer.

Events693 years ago

1329 - King John of Bohemia captures Medvėgalis, an important fortress of the pagan Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and baptizes 6,000 of its defenders.

Events691 years ago
Events609 years ago

1662 - The Chinese general Koxinga seizes the island of Taiwan after a nine-month siege.

Events358 years ago

1713 - The Kalabalik or Tumult in Bendery results from the Ottoman sultan's order that his unwelcome guest, King Charles XII of Sweden, be seized.

Events307 years ago

1793 - French Revolutionary Wars: France declares war on the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

Events227 years ago

1796 - The capital of Upper Canada is moved from Newark to York.

Events224 years ago

1814 - Mayon in the Philippines erupts, killing around 1,200 people, the most devastating eruption of the volcano.

Events206 years ago
Events185 years ago

1861 - American Civil War: Texas secedes from the United States.

Events159 years ago

1864 - Second Schleswig War: Prussian forces crossed the border into Schleswig, starting the war.

Events156 years ago

1884 - The first volume (A to Ant) of the Oxford English Dictionary is published.

Events136 years ago

1893 - Thomas A. Edison finishes construction of the first motion picture studio, the Black Maria in West Orange, New Jersey.

Events127 years ago

1895 - Fountains Valley, Pretoria, the oldest nature reserve in Africa, is proclaimed by President Paul Kruger.

Events125 years ago

1896 - La bohème premieres in Turin at the Teatro Regio (Turin), conducted by the young Arturo Toscanini.

Events124 years ago
Events123 years ago
Events112 years ago

1918 - Russia adopts the Gregorian calendar.

Events102 years ago

1924 - The United Kingdom recognizes the USSR.

Events96 years ago

1942 - World War II: U.S. Navy conducts Marshalls-Gilberts raids, the first offensive action by the United States against Japanese forces in the Pacific Theater.

Events78 years ago

1942 - Voice of America, the official external radio and television service of the United States government, begins broadcasting with programs aimed at areas controlled by the Axis powers.

Events78 years ago

1942 - Mao Zedong makes a speech on "Reform in Learning, the Party and Literature", which puts into motion the Yan'an Rectification Movement.

Events78 years ago

1946 - Trygve Lie of Norway is picked to be the first United Nations Secretary-General.

Events74 years ago

1946 - The Parliament of Hungary abolishes the monarchy after nine centuries, and proclaims the Hungarian Republic.

Events74 years ago

1953 - North Sea flood of 1953 is caused by a heavy storm which occurred overnight, 31 January-1 February 1953; floods strike the Netherlands, Belgium and the U.K.

Events67 years ago

1960 - Four black students stage the first of the Greensboro sit-ins at a lunch counter in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Events60 years ago

1964 - The Beatles have their first number one hit in the United States with "I Want to Hold Your Hand".

Events56 years ago

1965 - The Hamilton River in Labrador, Canada is renamed the Churchill River in honour of Winston Churchill.

Events55 years ago

1968 - Vietnam War: The execution of Viet Cong officer Nguyễn Văn Lém by South Vietnamese National Police Chief Nguyễn Ngọc Loan is recorded on motion picture film, as well as in an iconic still photograph taken by Eddie Adams.

Events52 years ago

1968 - Canada's three military services, the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Army and the Royal Canadian Air Force, are unified into the Canadian Forces.

Events52 years ago
Events52 years ago

1972 - Kuala Lumpur becomes a city by a royal charter granted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong of Malaysia.

Events48 years ago

1974 - A fire in the 25-story Joelma Building in São Paulo, Brazil kills 189 and injures 293.

Events46 years ago

1979 - Iranian Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Tehran after nearly 15 years of exile.

Events41 years ago

1989 - The Western Australian towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder amalgamate to form the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder.

Events31 years ago

1991 - A runway collision between USAir Flight 1493 and SkyWest Flight 5569 at Los Angeles International Airport results in the deaths of 34 people, and injuries to 30 others.

Events29 years ago

1992 - The Chief Judicial Magistrate of Bhopal court declares Warren Anderson, ex-CEO of Union Carbide, a fugitive under Indian law for failing to appear in the Bhopal disaster case.

Events28 years ago
Events24 years ago

1998 - Rear Admiral Lillian E. Fishburne becomes the first female African American to be promoted to rear admiral.

Events22 years ago

2002 - Daniel Pearl, American journalist and South Asia Bureau Chief of the Wall Street Journal, kidnapped January 23, 2002, is beheaded and mutilated by his captors.

Events18 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia disintegrated during the reentry of mission STS-107 into the Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven astronauts aboard.

Events17 years ago

2004 - Hajj pilgrimage stampede: In a stampede at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, 251 people are trampled to death and 244 injured.

Events16 years ago

2005 - King Gyanendra of Nepal carries out a coup d'état to capture the democracy, becoming Chairman of the Councils of ministers.

Events15 years ago

2009 - The first cabinet of Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir was formed in Iceland, making her the country's first female prime minister and the world's first openly gay head of government.

Events11 years ago

2012 - Seventy-four people are killed and over 500 injured as a result of clashes between fans of Egyptian football teams Al Masry and Al Ahly in the city of Port Said.

Events8 years ago

2013 - The Shard, the tallest building in the European Union, is opened to the public.

Events7 years ago


1261 - Walter de Stapledon, English bishop and politician, Lord High Treasurer (d. 1326)

Births759 years ago
Births585 years ago
Births573 years ago

1459 - Conrad Celtes, German poet and scholar (d. 1508)

Births561 years ago

1462 - Johannes Trithemius, German lexicographer, historian, and cryptographer (d. 1516)

Births558 years ago

1552 - Edward Coke, English lawyer, judge, and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales (d. 1634)

Births468 years ago

1561 - Henry Briggs, British mathematician (d. 1630)

Births459 years ago

1635 - Marquard Gude, German archaeologist and scholar (d. 1689)

Births385 years ago

1648 - Elkanah Settle, English poet and playwright (d. 1724)

Births372 years ago

1659 - Jacob Roggeveen, Dutch explorer (d. 1729)

Births361 years ago

1663 - Ignacia del Espíritu Santo, Filipino nun, founded the Religious of the Virgin Mary (d. 1748)

Births357 years ago

1666 - Marie Thérèse de Bourbon, Princess of Conti and titular queen of Poland (d.1732)

Births354 years ago

1687 - Johann Adam Birkenstock, German violinist and composer (d. 1733)

Births333 years ago

1690 - Francesco Maria Veracini, Italian violinist and composer (d. 1768)

Births330 years ago

1701 - Johan Agrell, Swedish-German pianist and composer (d. 1765)

Births319 years ago

1761 - Christiaan Hendrik Persoon, South African-French mycologist and academic (d. 1836)

Births259 years ago

1763 - Thomas Campbell, Irish minister and theologian (d. 1854)

Births257 years ago

1764 - George Duff, Scottish captain (d. 1805)

Births256 years ago

1796 - Abraham Emanuel Fröhlich, Swiss minister, poet, and educator (d. 1865)

Births224 years ago

1801 - Émile Littré, French lexicographer and philosopher (d. 1881)

Births219 years ago

1820 - George Hendric Houghton, American clergyman and theologian (d. 1897)

Births200 years ago

1836 - Emil Hartmann, Danish organist and composer (d. 1898)

Births184 years ago

1844 - G. Stanley Hall, American psychologist and academic (d. 1924)

Births176 years ago

1851 - Durham Stevens, American lawyer and diplomat (d. 1908)

Births169 years ago

1858 - Ignacio Bonillas, Mexican diplomat (d. 1942)

Births162 years ago

1859 - Victor Herbert, Irish-American cellist, composer, and conductor (d. 1924)

Births161 years ago

1866 - Agda Meyerson, Swedish nurse and healthcare activist (d. 1924)

Births154 years ago

1868 - Ștefan Luchian, Romanian painter and illustrator (d. 1917)

Births152 years ago

1870 - Erik Adolf von Willebrand, Finnish physician (d. 1949)

Births150 years ago

1872 - Clara Butt, English singer (d. 1936)

Births148 years ago

1872 - Jerome F. Donovan, American lawyer and politician (d. 1949)

Births148 years ago

1873 - John Barry, Irish soldier, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1901)

Births147 years ago

1874 - Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Austrian author, poet, and playwright (d. 1929)

Births146 years ago

1878 - Alfréd Hajós, Hungarian swimmer and architect, designed the Grand Hotel Aranybika (d. 1955)

Births142 years ago

1878 - Milan Hodža, Slovak journalist and politician, 10th Prime Minister of Czechoslovakia (d. 1944)

Births142 years ago

1881 - Tip Snooke, South African cricketer (d. 1966)

Births139 years ago

1882 - Louis St. Laurent, Canadian lawyer and politician, 12th Prime Minister of Canada (d. 1973)

Births138 years ago

1884 - Bradbury Robinson, American football player and physician (d. 1949)

Births136 years ago

1884 - Yevgeny Zamyatin, Russian journalist and author (d. 1937)

Births136 years ago

1887 - Charles Nordhoff, English-American lieutenant, pilot, and author (d. 1947)

Births133 years ago

1890 - Nikolai Reek, Estonian general and politician, 11th Estonian Minister of War (d. 1942)

Births130 years ago

1894 - John Ford, American director and producer (d. 1973)

Births126 years ago

1894 - James P. Johnson, American pianist and composer (d. 1955)

Births126 years ago

1895 - Conn Smythe, Canadian businessman (d. 1980)

Births125 years ago

1897 - Denise Robins, English journalist and author (d. 1985)

Births123 years ago

1898 - Leila Denmark, American pediatrician and author (d. 2012)

Births122 years ago

1901 - Frank Buckles, American soldier (d. 2011)

Births119 years ago

1901 - Clark Gable, American actor (d. 1960)

Births119 years ago

1902 - Therese Brandl, German concentration camp guard (d. 1947)

Births118 years ago

1902 - Langston Hughes, American poet, social activist, novelist, and playwright (d. 1967)

Births118 years ago

1904 - S.J. Perelman, American humorist and screenwriter (d. 1979)

Births116 years ago

1905 - Emilio G. Segrè, Italian-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1989)

Births115 years ago

1906 - Adetokunbo Ademola, Nigerian lawyer and jurist, 2nd Chief Justice of Nigeria (d. 1993)

Births114 years ago

1907 - Günter Eich, German author and songwriter (d. 1972)

Births113 years ago

1907 - Camargo Guarnieri, Brazilian pianist and composer (d. 1993)

Births113 years ago

1908 - George Pal, Hungarian-American animator and producer (d. 1980)

Births112 years ago

1908 - Louis Rasminsky, Canadian economist and banker (d. 1998)

Births112 years ago

1909 - George Beverly Shea, Canadian-American singer-songwriter (d. 2013)

Births111 years ago

1910 - Ngapoi Ngawang Jigme, Chinese general and politician (d. 2009)

Births110 years ago

1915 - Stanley Matthews, English footballer and manager (d. 2000)

Births105 years ago

1917 - José Luis Sampedro, Spanish economist and author (d. 2013)

Births103 years ago

1917 - Eiji Sawamura, Japanese baseball player and soldier (d. 1944)

Births103 years ago

1918 - Muriel Spark, Scottish playwright and poet (d. 2006)

Births102 years ago

1918 - Ignacy Tokarczuk, Polish archbishop (d. 2012)

Births102 years ago

1920 - Mike Scarry, American football player and coach (d. 2012)

Births100 years ago

1920 - Zao Wou-Ki, Chinese-French painter (d. 2013)

Births100 years ago

1921 - Teresa Mattei, Italian feminist partisan and politician (d. 2013)

Births99 years ago

1921 - Peter Sallis, English actor (d. 2017)

Births99 years ago

1921 - Patricia Robins, British writer and WAAF officer (d. 2016).

Births99 years ago

1922 - Renata Tebaldi, Italian soprano and actress (d. 2004)

Births98 years ago

1923 - Ben Weider, Canadian businessman, co-founded the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (d. 2008)

Births97 years ago

1924 - Richard Hooker, American novelist (d. 1997)

Births96 years ago

1924 - Emmanuel Scheffer, German-Israeli footballer, coach, and manager (d. 2012)

Births96 years ago

1927 - Galway Kinnell, American poet and academic (d. 2014)

Births93 years ago

1928 - Sam Edwards, Welsh physicist and academic (d. 2015)

Births92 years ago

1928 - Tom Lantos, Hungarian-American academic and politician (d. 2008)

Births92 years ago

1930 - Shahabuddin Ahmed, Bangladeshi judge and politician, 12th President of Bangladesh

Births90 years ago

1930 - Hussain Muhammad Ershad, Indian-Bangladeshi general and politician, 10th President of Bangladesh (d. 2019)

Births90 years ago

1931 - Boris Yeltsin, Russian politician, 1st President of Russia (d. 2007)

Births89 years ago

1932 - Hassan Al-Turabi, Sudanese activist and politician (d. 2016)

Births88 years ago

1934 - Nicolae Breban, Romanian author, poet, and playwright

Births86 years ago

1936 - Tuncel Kurtiz, Turkish actor, playwright, and director (d. 2013)

Births84 years ago

1936 - Azie Taylor Morton, American educator and politician, 36th Treasurer of the United States (d. 2003)

Births84 years ago

1937 - Don Everly, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births83 years ago

1937 - Garrett Morris, American actor and comedian

Births83 years ago

1938 - Jimmy Carl Black, American drummer and singer (d. 2008)

Births82 years ago

1938 - Jacky Cupit, American golfer

Births82 years ago

1938 - Sherman Hemsley, American actor and singer (d. 2012)

Births82 years ago

1939 - Fritjof Capra, Austrian physicist, author, and academic

Births81 years ago

1939 - Claude François, Egyptian-French singer-songwriter and dancer (d. 1978)

Births81 years ago

1939 - Paul Gillmor, American lawyer and politician (d. 2007)

Births81 years ago

1939 - Ekaterina Maximova, Russian ballerina (d. 2009)

Births81 years ago

1939 - Joe Sample, American pianist and composer (d. 2014)

Births81 years ago

1941 - Jerry Spinelli, American author

Births79 years ago

1942 - Bibi Besch, Austrian-American actress (d. 1996)

Births78 years ago

1942 - Terry Jones, Welsh actor, director, and screenwriter

Births78 years ago

1942 - David Sincock, Australian cricketer

Births78 years ago

1944 - Mike Enzi, American soldier, accountant, and politician

Births76 years ago

1944 - Petru Popescu, Romanian-American director, producer, and author

Births76 years ago

1944 - Burkhard Ziese, German footballer and manager (d. 2010)

Births76 years ago

1945 - Serge Joyal, Canadian lawyer and politician, 50th Secretary of State for Canada

Births75 years ago

1945 - Ferruccio Mazzola, Italian footballer and manager (d. 2013)

Births75 years ago

1945 - Mary Jane Reoch, American cyclist (d. 1993)

Births75 years ago

1946 - Elisabeth Sladen, English actress (d. 2011)

Births74 years ago

1946 - Karen Krantzcke, Australian tennis player (d. 1977)

Births74 years ago

1947 - Adam Ingram, Scottish computer programmer and politician, Minister of State for the Armed Forces

Births73 years ago

1947 - Normie Rowe, Australian singer-songwriter and actor

Births73 years ago

1947 - Jessica Savitch, American journalist (d. 1983)

Births73 years ago

1948 - Rick James, American singer-songwriter and producer (d. 2004)

Births72 years ago

1950 - Mike Campbell, American guitarist, songwriter, and producer

Births70 years ago
Births70 years ago

1950 - Rich Williams, American guitarist and songwriter

Births70 years ago

1951 - Sonny Landreth, American guitarist and songwriter

Births69 years ago
Births69 years ago

1952 - Owoye Andrew Azazi, Nigerian general (d. 2012)

Births68 years ago

1954 - Chuck Dukowski, American singer-songwriter and bass player

Births66 years ago

1956 - Exene Cervenka, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births64 years ago

1957 - Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, Saudi Arabian businessman (d. 2007)

Births63 years ago

1957 - Gilbert Hernandez, American author and illustrator

Births63 years ago

1958 - Luther Blissett, Jamaican-English footballer and manager

Births62 years ago

1958 - Eleanor Laing, Scottish lawyer and politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland

Births62 years ago

1961 - Volker Fried, German field hockey player and coach

Births59 years ago

1961 - Daniel M. Tani, American engineer and astronaut

Births59 years ago

1961 - Kaduvetti Guru, Indian politician (d. 2018)

Births59 years ago

1962 - José Luis Cuciuffo, Argentinian footballer (d. 2004)

Births58 years ago

1962 - Tomoyasu Hotei, Japanese singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births58 years ago

1962 - Takashi Murakami, Japanese painter and sculptor

Births58 years ago

1964 - Jani Lane, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2011)

Births56 years ago

1964 - Mario Pelchat, Canadian singer-songwriter

Births56 years ago

1964 - Linus Roache, English actor

Births56 years ago

1965 - Stéphanie of Monaco, designer, singer and princess

Births55 years ago

1965 - Brandon Lee, American actor and martial artist (d. 1993)

Births55 years ago

1965 - Sherilyn Fenn, American actress

Births55 years ago

1966 - Michelle Akers, American soccer player

Births54 years ago

1967 - Meg Cabot, American author and screenwriter

Births53 years ago

1968 - Lisa Marie Presley, American singer-songwriter and actress

Births52 years ago

1968 - Mark Recchi, Canadian ice hockey player and coach

Births52 years ago

1968 - Pauly Shore, American comedian, actor, director, and producer

Births52 years ago

1969 - Gabriel Batistuta, Argentinian footballer

Births51 years ago

1969 - Andrew Breitbart, American journalist, author, and publisher (d. 2012)

Births51 years ago

1969 - Brian Krause, American actor and screenwriter

Births51 years ago

1969 - Franklyn Rose, Jamaican cricketer

Births51 years ago

1969 - Patrick Wilson, American drummer

Births51 years ago

1970 - Yasuyuki Kazama, Japanese race car driver

Births50 years ago

1970 - Malik Sealy, American basketball player and actor (d. 2000)

Births50 years ago

1971 - Harald Brattbakk, Norwegian footballer and pilot

Births49 years ago

1971 - Michael C. Hall, American actor and producer

Births49 years ago

1972 - Christian Ziege, German footballer

Births48 years ago

1973 - Andrew DeClercq, American basketball player and coach

Births47 years ago

1973 - Óscar Pérez Rojas, Mexican footballer

Births47 years ago

1974 - Walter McCarty, American basketball player and coach

Births46 years ago

1975- Martijn Reuser, Dutch footballer

Births45 years ago

1976 - Phil Ivey, American poker player

Births44 years ago

1976 - Mat Rogers, Australian rugby player

Births44 years ago

1977 - Lari Ketner, American basketball player (d. 2014)

Births43 years ago

1977 - Robert Traylor, American basketball player (d. 2011)

Births43 years ago

1978 - Tim Harding, Australian singer and actor

Births42 years ago

1978 - K'naan, Somali-Canadian hip-hop artist

Births42 years ago

1979 - Valentín Elizalde, Mexican singer-songwriter (d. 2006)

Births41 years ago

1979 - Jason Isbell, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births41 years ago

1979 - Juan Silveira dos Santos, Brazilian footballer

Births41 years ago

1980 - Héctor Luna, Dominican baseball player

Births40 years ago

1980 - Moisés Muñoz, Mexican footballer

Births40 years ago

1980 - Otilino Tenorio, Ecuadorian footballer (d. 2005)

Births40 years ago

1981 - Rob Austin, English race car driver

Births39 years ago

1981 - Hins Cheung, Hong Kong singer-songwriter

Births39 years ago

1981 - Christian Giménez, Argentinian footballer

Births39 years ago

1981 - Graeme Smith, South African cricketer

Births39 years ago

1982 - Gavin Henson, Welsh rugby player

Births38 years ago

1982 - Shoaib Malik, Pakistani cricketer

Births38 years ago

1983 - Heather DeLoach, American actress

Births37 years ago

1983 - Kevin Martin, American basketball player

Births37 years ago

1983 - Anna Suzuki, Japanese actress and model

Births37 years ago

1983 - Jurgen Van den Broeck, Belgian cyclist

Births37 years ago

1983 - Andrew VanWyngarden, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births37 years ago

1984 - Darren Fletcher, Scottish footballer

Births36 years ago

1985 - Dean Shiels, Irish footballer

Births35 years ago

1986 - Jorrit Bergsma, Dutch speed skater

Births34 years ago

1986 - Lauren Conrad, American fashion designer and author

Births34 years ago

1987 - Sebastian Boenisch, Polish footballer

Births33 years ago

1987 - Moises Henriques, Portuguese-Australian cricketer

Births33 years ago

1987 - Austin Jackson, American baseball player

Births33 years ago

1987 - Ronda Rousey, American mixed martial artist and actress

Births33 years ago

1987 - Giuseppe Rossi, Italian footballer

Births33 years ago

1988 - Brett Anderson, American baseball player

Births32 years ago

1989 - Ricky Pinheiro, Portuguese footballer

Births31 years ago

1991 - Kyle Palmieri, American hockey player

Births29 years ago

1993 - Diego Mella, Italian footballer

Births27 years ago

1994 - Joe Boyce, Australian rugby league player

Births26 years ago

1994 - Harry Styles, English singer-songwriter

Births26 years ago


583 - Kan B'alam I, ruler of Palenque (b. 524)


772 - Pope Stephen III (b. 720)


850 - Ramiro I, king of Asturias

Deaths798 years ago
Deaths772 years ago
Deaths692 years ago
Deaths519 years ago

1542 - Girolamo Aleandro, Italian cardinal (b. 1480)

Deaths478 years ago
Deaths457 years ago

1590 - Lawrence Humphrey, English theologian and academic (b. 1527)

Deaths430 years ago
Deaths329 years ago
Deaths302 years ago

1733 - Augustus II the Strong, Polish king (b. 1670)

Deaths287 years ago

1734 - John Floyer, English physician and author (b. 1649)

Deaths286 years ago

1743 - Giuseppe Ottavio Pitoni, Italian organist and composer (b. 1657)

Deaths277 years ago

1750 - Bakar of Georgia (b. 1699)

Deaths270 years ago

1761 - Pierre François Xavier de Charlevoix, French priest and historian (b. 1682)

Deaths259 years ago

1768 - Sir Robert Rich, 4th Baronet, English field marshal and politician (b. 1685)

Deaths252 years ago
Deaths227 years ago

1832 - Archibald Murphey, American judge and politician (b. 1777)

Deaths188 years ago

1851 - Mary Shelley, English novelist and playwright (b. 1797)

Deaths169 years ago

1871 - Alexander Serov, Russian composer and critic (b. 1820)

Deaths149 years ago

1893 - George Henry Sanderson, American lawyer and politician, 22nd Mayor of San Francisco (b. 1824)

Deaths127 years ago

1897 - Constantin von Ettingshausen, Austrian geologist and botanist (b. 1826)

Deaths123 years ago

1903 - Sir George Stokes, Anglo-Irish physicist, mathematician, and politician (b. 1819)

Deaths117 years ago

1907 - Léon Serpollet, French businessman (b. 1858)

Deaths113 years ago
Deaths112 years ago

1922 - William Desmond Taylor, American actor and director (b. 1872)

Deaths98 years ago

1924 - Maurice Prendergast, American painter (b. 1858)

Deaths96 years ago

1928 - Hughie Jennings, American baseball player and manager (b. 1869)

Deaths92 years ago

1936 - Georgios Kondylis, Greek general and politician, 128th Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1878)

Deaths84 years ago

1940 - Philip Francis Nowlan, American author, created Buck Rogers (b. 1888)

Deaths80 years ago

1940 - Zacharias Papantoniou, Greek journalist and critic (b. 1877)

Deaths80 years ago

1944 - Piet Mondrian, Dutch-American painter (b. 1872)

Deaths76 years ago

1949 - Nicolae Dumitru Cocea, Romanian journalist, author, and activist (b. 1880)

Deaths71 years ago

1949 - Herbert Stothart, American conductor and composer (b. 1885)

Deaths71 years ago

1957 - Friedrich Paulus, German general (b. 1890)

Deaths63 years ago

1958 - Clinton Davisson, American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1888)

Deaths62 years ago

1959 - Madame Sul-Te-Wan, American actress (b. 1873)

Deaths61 years ago

1966 - Hedda Hopper, American actress and journalist (b. 1885)

Deaths54 years ago

1966 - Buster Keaton, American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1895)

Deaths54 years ago

1968 - Echol Cole and Robert Walker - sparking the Memphis Sanitation Workers Strike

Deaths52 years ago

1970 - Alfréd Rényi, Hungarian mathematician and academic (b. 1921)

Deaths50 years ago

1976 - Werner Heisenberg, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1901)

Deaths44 years ago

1976 - George Whipple, American physician and pathologist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1878)

Deaths44 years ago

1979 - Abdi İpekçi, Turkish journalist and activist (b. 1929)

Deaths41 years ago

1981 - Donald Wills Douglas, Sr., American engineer and businessman, founded the Douglas Aircraft Company (b. 1892)

Deaths39 years ago

1981 - Geirr Tveitt, Norwegian pianist and composer (b. 1908)

Deaths39 years ago

1986 - Alva Myrdal, Swedish sociologist and politician, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1902)

Deaths34 years ago

1987 - Alessandro Blasetti, Italian director and screenwriter (b. 1900)

Deaths33 years ago

1989 - Elaine de Kooning, American painter and academic (b. 1918)

Deaths31 years ago

1992 - Jean Hamburger, French physician and surgeon (b. 1909)

Deaths28 years ago

1996 - Ray Crawford, American race car driver, pilot, and businessman (b. 1915)

Deaths24 years ago

1997 - Herb Caen, American journalist and author (b. 1916)

Deaths23 years ago

1999 - Paul Mellon, American art collector and philanthropist (b. 1907)

Deaths21 years ago

2001 - André D'Allemagne, Canadian political scientist and academic (b. 1929)

Deaths19 years ago

2002 - Aykut Barka, Turkish geologist and academic (b. 1951)

Deaths18 years ago

2002 - Hildegard Knef, German actress and singer (b. 1925)

Deaths18 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew Michael P. Anderson, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1959)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew David M. Brown, American captain, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1956)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew Kalpana Chawla, Indian-American engineer and astronaut (b. 1961)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew Laurel Clark, American captain, surgeon, and astronaut (b. 1961)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew Rick Husband, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1957)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew William C. McCool, American commander, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1961)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Space Shuttle Columbia crew Ilan Ramon, Israeli colonel, pilot, and astronaut (b. 1954)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Mongo Santamaría, Cuban-American drummer and bandleader (b. 1922)

Deaths17 years ago

2004 - Suha Arın, Turkish director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1942)

Deaths16 years ago

2005 - John Vernon, Canadian-American actor (b. 1932)

Deaths15 years ago

2007 - Gian Carlo Menotti, Italian-American playwright and composer (b. 1911)

Deaths13 years ago

2008 - Beto Carrero, Brazilian actor and businessman (b. 1937)

Deaths12 years ago

2012 - Don Cornelius, American television host and producer (b. 1936)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Wisława Szymborska, Polish poet and translator, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1923)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - Ed Koch, American lawyer, judge, and politician, 105th Mayor of New York City (b. 1924)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Shanu Lahiri, Indian painter and educator (b. 1928)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Cecil Womack, American singer-songwriter and producer (b. 1947)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Luis Aragonés, Spanish footballer and manager (b. 1938)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Vasily Petrov, Russian marshal (b. 1917)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Rene Ricard, American poet, painter, and critic (b. 1946)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Maximilian Schell, Austrian-Swiss actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1930)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Aldo Ciccolini, Italian-French pianist (b. 1925)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Udo Lattek, German footballer, manager, and sportscaster (b. 1935)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Monty Oum, American animator, director, and screenwriter (b. 1981)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Óscar Humberto Mejía Victores, Guatemalan general and politician, 27th President of Guatemala (b. 1930)

Deaths4 years ago

2017 - Desmond Carrington, British actor and broadcaster (b. 1926)

Deaths3 years ago

2018 - Barys Kit, Belarusian rocket scientist (b. 1910)

Deaths2 years ago

2018 - Mowzey Radio, Ugandan singer and songwriter (b. 1985)

Deaths2 years ago

2019 - Jeremy Hardy, English comedian, radio host and panelist (b. 1961)

Deaths1 years ago

2019 - Clive Swift, English actor (b. 1936)

Deaths1 years ago

2019 - Wade Wilson, American football player and coach (b. 1959)

Deaths1 years ago

Christian feast day

Astina (Syrian Church)

Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day