Holidays and observances

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances


1258 - Mongol invasions: Baghdad falls to the Mongols, bringing the Islamic Golden Age to an end.

Events762 years ago

1306 - In front of the high altar of Greyfriars Church in Dumfries, Robert the Bruce murders John Comyn sparking the revolution in the Wars of Scottish Independence.

Events714 years ago

1355 - The St Scholastica Day riot breaks out in Oxford, England, leaving 63 scholars and perhaps 30 locals dead in two days.

Events665 years ago

1502 - Vasco da Gama sets sail from Lisbon, Portugal, on his second voyage to India.

Events518 years ago

1567 - Lord Darnley, second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, is found strangled following an explosion at the Kirk o' Field house in Edinburgh, Scotland, a suspected assassination.

Events453 years ago
Events308 years ago

1763 - French and Indian War: The Treaty of Paris ends the war and France cedes Quebec to Great Britain.

Events257 years ago

1814 - Napoleonic Wars: The Battle of Champaubert ends in French victory over the Russians and the Prussians.

Events206 years ago

1840 - Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom marries Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

Events180 years ago

1846 - First Anglo-Sikh War: Battle of Sobraon: British defeat Sikhs in the final battle of the war.

Events174 years ago

1861 - Jefferson Davis is notified by telegraph that he has been chosen as provisional President of the Confederate States of America.

Events159 years ago

1862 - American Civil War: A Union naval flotilla destroys the bulk of the Confederate Mosquito Fleet in the Battle of Elizabeth City on the Pasquotank River in North Carolina.

Events158 years ago

1870 - The YWCA is founded in New York City.

Events150 years ago

1906 - HMS Dreadnought, the first of a revolutionary new breed of battleships is christened and launched by King Edward VII.

Events114 years ago

1920 - Józef Haller de Hallenburg performs symbolic wedding of Poland to the sea, celebrating restitution of Polish access to open sea.

Events100 years ago

1923 - Texas Tech University is founded as Texas Technological College in Lubbock, Texas

Events97 years ago
Events90 years ago

1933 - In round 13 of a boxing match at New York City's Madison Square Garden, Primo Carnera knocks out Ernie Schaaf. Schaaf dies four days later.

Events87 years ago

1936 - Second Italo-Abyssinian War: Italian troops launched the Battle of Amba Aradam against Ethiopian defenders.

Events84 years ago

1939 - Spanish Civil War: The Nationalists conclude their conquest of Catalonia and seal the border with France.

Events81 years ago

1940 - The Soviet Union begins mass deportations of Polish citizens from occupied eastern Poland to Siberia.

Events80 years ago

1940 - Tom and Jerry make their debut with Puss Gets the Boot.

Events80 years ago
Events78 years ago

1943 - World War II: Attempting to completely lift the Siege of Leningrad, the Soviet Red Army engages German troops and Spanish volunteers in the Battle of Krasny Bor.

Events77 years ago

1947 - The Paris Peace Treaties are signed by Italy, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland and the Allies of World War II.

Events73 years ago

1947 - Crowds gathered at shop windows in Paris to see Christian Dior's New Look fashion—longer skirts, nipped-in waists and padded shoulders.

Events73 years ago

1954 - U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower warns against United States intervention in Vietnam.

Events66 years ago

1962 - Cold War: Captured American U2 spy-plane pilot Gary Powers is exchanged for captured Soviet spy Rudolf Abel.

Events58 years ago

1962 - Roy Lichtenstein's first solo exhibition opened, and it included Look Mickey, which featured his first employment of Ben-Day dots, speech balloons and comic imagery sourcing, all of which he is now known for.

Events58 years ago

1964 - Melbourne–Voyager collision: The aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne collides with and sinks the destroyer HMAS Voyager off the south coast of New South Wales, Australia, killing 82.

Events56 years ago
Events53 years ago

1972 - Ras Al Khaimah joins the United Arab Emirates, now making up seven emirates.

Events48 years ago

1984 - Kenyan soldiers commit the worst ever human rights violation in the country by slaughtering an estimated 5000 ethnic Somali Kenyans in Wagalla in N.E.-Kenya.

Events36 years ago

1989 - Ron Brown is elected chairman of the Democratic National Committee becoming the first African American to lead a major American political party.

Events31 years ago

1996 - IBM supercomputer Deep Blue defeats Garry Kasparov in chess for the first time.

Events24 years ago

2003 - France and Belgium break the NATO procedure of silent approval concerning the timing of protective measures for Turkey in case of a possible war with Iraq.

Events17 years ago

2007 - Then Illinois senator Barack Obama announces his candidacy for president in the 2008 elections, which he later goes on to win.

Events13 years ago
Events11 years ago

2013 - Thirty-six people are killed and 39 others are injured in a stampede in Allahabad, India, during the Kumbh Mela festival.

Events7 years ago

2016 - South Korea decides to stop the operation of the Kaesong joint industrial complex with North Korea in response to the launch of Kwangmyŏngsŏng-4.

Events4 years ago

2018 - 19 people are killed and 66 injured when a Kowloon Motor Bus double decker on route 872 in Hong Kong overturns.

Events2 years ago


1486 - George of the Palatinate, German bishop (d. 1529)

Births534 years ago

1499 - Thomas Platter, Swiss author and scholar (d. 1582)

Births521 years ago

1514 - Domenico Bollani, Bishop of Milan (d. 1579)

Births506 years ago

1606 - Christine of France, Duchess of Savoy (d. 1663)

Births414 years ago

1609 - John Suckling, English poet and playwright (d. 1642)

Births411 years ago

1627 - Cornelis de Bie, Flemish poet and jurist (d. 1715)

Births393 years ago

1685 - Aaron Hill, English poet and playwright (d. 1750)

Births335 years ago

1696 - Johann Melchior Molter, German violinist and composer (d. 1765)

Births324 years ago

1744 - William Cornwallis, English admiral and politician (d. 1819)

Births276 years ago

1766 - Benjamin Smith Barton, American botanist and physician (d. 1815)

Births254 years ago

1775 - Charles Lamb, English poet and essayist (d. 1834)

Births245 years ago

1785 - Claude-Louis Navier, French physicist and engineer (d. 1836)

Births235 years ago

1795 - Ary Scheffer, Dutch-French painter and academic (d. 1858)

Births225 years ago
Births223 years ago

1821 - Roberto Bompiani, Italian painter and sculptor (d. 1908)

Births199 years ago

1824 - Samuel Plimsoll, English merchant and politician (d. 1898)

Births196 years ago

1842 - Agnes Mary Clerke, Irish astronomer and author (d. 1907)

Births178 years ago

1843 - Adelina Patti, Italian-French opera singer (d. 1919)

Births177 years ago

1846 - Lord Charles Beresford, Irish admiral and politician (d. 1919)

Births174 years ago

1846 - Ira Remsen, American chemist and academic (d. 1927)

Births174 years ago

1847 - Nabinchandra Sen, Bangladeshi poet and author (d. 1909)

Births173 years ago

1859 - Alexandre Millerand, French lawyer and politician, 12th President of France (d. 1943)

Births161 years ago

1867 - Robert Garran, Australian lawyer and public servant (d. 1957)

Births153 years ago
Births152 years ago

1868 - William Allen White, American journalist and author (d. 1944)

Births152 years ago

1869 - Royal Cortissoz, American art critic (d. 1948)

Births151 years ago

1879 - Ernst Põdder, Estonian general (d. 1932)

Births141 years ago

1881 - Pauline Brunius, Swedish actress and director (d. 1954)

Births139 years ago

1883 - Edith Clarke, American electrical engineer (d. 1959)

Births137 years ago

1883 - H.V. Hordern, Australian cricketer (d. 1938)

Births137 years ago

1889 - Cevdet Sunay, Turkish general and politician, 5th President of Turkey (d. 1982)

Births131 years ago

1890 - Fanny Kaplan, Ukrainian-Russian activist (d. 1918)

Births130 years ago

1890 - Boris Pasternak, Russian poet, novelist, and literary translator Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1960)

Births130 years ago

1892 - Alan Hale Sr., American actor and director (d. 1950)

Births128 years ago

1893 - Jimmy Durante, American actor, singer, and pianist (d. 1980)

Births127 years ago

1893 - Bill Tilden, American tennis player and coach (d. 1953)

Births127 years ago

1894 - Harold Macmillan, English captain and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1986)

Births126 years ago

1897 - Judith Anderson, Australian actress (d. 1992)

Births123 years ago

1897 - John Franklin Enders, American virologist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1985)

Births123 years ago

1898 - Bertolt Brecht, German director, playwright, and poet (d. 1956)

Births122 years ago

1898 - Joseph Kessel, French journalist and author (d. 1979)

Births122 years ago

1901 - Stella Adler, American actress and educator (d. 1992)

Births119 years ago

1902 - Walter Houser Brattain, Chinese-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1987)

Births118 years ago

1903 - Waldemar Hoven, German physician (d. 1948)

Births117 years ago

1903 - Matthias Sindelar, Austrian footballer and manager (d. 1939)

Births117 years ago

1904 - John Farrow, Australian-American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1963)

Births116 years ago

1905 - Walter A. Brown, American businessman, founded the Boston Celtics (d. 1964)

Births115 years ago

1905 - Chick Webb, American drummer and bandleader (d. 1939)

Births115 years ago

1906 - Lon Chaney Jr., American actor (d. 1973)

Births114 years ago

1907 - Anthony Cottrell, New Zealand rugby player (d. 1988)

Births113 years ago

1909 - Min Thu Wun, Burmese poet, scholar, and politician (d. 2004)

Births111 years ago

1910 - Dominique Pire, Belgian friar, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1969)

Births110 years ago

1914 - Larry Adler, American harmonica player, composer, and actor (d. 2001)

Births106 years ago

1915 - Vladimir Zeldin, Russian actor (d. 2016)

Births105 years ago

1919 - Ioannis Charalambopoulos, Greek colonel and politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Greece (d. 2014)

Births101 years ago

1920 - Alex Comfort, English physician and author (d. 2000)

Births100 years ago

1920 - Neva Patterson, American actress (d. 2010)

Births100 years ago

1920 - José Manuel Castañón, Spanish lawyer and author (d. 2001)

Births100 years ago

1922 - Árpád Göncz, Hungarian author, playwright, and politician, 1st President of Hungary (d. 2015)

Births98 years ago

1922 - José Gabriel da Costa later known as Mestre Gabriel, Brazilian spiritual leader, founder of the União do Vegetal (d. 1971)

Births98 years ago

1923 - Allie Sherman, American football player and coach (d. 2015)

Births97 years ago

1924 - Max Ferguson, Canadian radio host and actor (d. 2013)

Births96 years ago

1924 - Bud Poile, Canadian ice hockey player and coach (d. 2005)

Births96 years ago

1925 - Pierre Mondy, French actor and director (d. 2012)

Births95 years ago

1926 - Sidney Bryan Berry, American general (d. 2013)

Births94 years ago

1926 - Danny Blanchflower, Northern Irish soldier, footballer and manager (d. 1993)

Births94 years ago

1927 - Leontyne Price, American operatic soprano

Births93 years ago

1929 - Jerry Goldsmith, American composer and conductor (d. 2004)

Births91 years ago

1929 - Jim Whittaker, American mountaineer

Births91 years ago

1929 - Lou Whittaker, American mountaineer

Births91 years ago

1930 - E. L. Konigsburg, American author and illustrator (d. 2013)

Births90 years ago

1930 - Robert Wagner, American actor and producer

Births90 years ago

1931 - James Edward Maceo West, American inventor and acoustician

Births89 years ago

1932 - Barrie Ingham, English-American actor (d. 2015)

Births88 years ago

1933 - Richard Schickel, American journalist, author, and critic (d. 2017)

Births87 years ago

1933 - Faramarz Payvar, Iranian santur player and composer (d. 2009)

Births87 years ago

1935 - Theodore Antoniou, Greek composer and conductor

Births85 years ago

1937 - Anne Anderson, Scottish physiologist and academic (d. 1983)

Births83 years ago

1937 - Roberta Flack, American singer-songwriter and pianist

Births83 years ago

1939 - Adrienne Clarkson, Hong Kong-Canadian journalist and politician, 26th Governor General of Canada

Births81 years ago

1939 - Deolinda Rodríguez de Almeida, Angolan nationalist (d. 1967)

Births81 years ago

1940 - Mary Rand, English sprinter and long jumper

Births80 years ago

1940 - Kenny Rankin, American singer-songwriter (d. 2009)

Births80 years ago

1941 - Michael Apted, English director and producer

Births79 years ago

1944 - Peter Allen, Australian singer-songwriter, pianist, and actor (d. 1992)

Births76 years ago

1944 - Frank Keating, American lawyer and politician, 25th Governor of Oklahoma

Births76 years ago

1944 - Frances Moore Lappé, American author and activist

Births76 years ago

1944 - Rufus Reid, American bassist and composer

Births76 years ago

1945 - Delma S. Arrigoitia, Puerto Rican historian, author, educator and lawyer

Births75 years ago

1947 - Louise Arbour, Canadian lawyer and jurist

Births73 years ago

1947 - Butch Morris, American cornet player, composer, and conductor (d. 2013)

Births73 years ago

1947 - Nicholas Owen, English journalist

Births73 years ago

1949 - Nigel Olsson, English rock drummer and singer-songwriter

Births71 years ago

1950 - Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexican economist and politician (d. 1994)

Births70 years ago

1950 - Mark Spitz, American swimmer

Births70 years ago

1951 - Bob Iger, American media executive

Births69 years ago

1952 - Lee Hsien Loong, Singaporean general and politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Singapore

Births68 years ago

1955 - Jim Cramer, American television personality, pundit, and author

Births65 years ago

1955 - Greg Norman, Australian golfer and sportscaster

Births65 years ago

1956 - Enele Sopoaga, Tuvaluan politician, 12th Prime Minister of Tuvalu

Births64 years ago

1957 - Katherine Freese, American astrophysicist and academic

Births63 years ago

1959 - John Calipari, American basketball player and coach

Births61 years ago

1960 - Jim Kent, American biologist, computer programmer, academic

Births60 years ago

1961 - Alexander Payne, American director, producer, and screenwriter

Births59 years ago

1961 - George Stephanopoulos, American television journalist

Births59 years ago

1962 - Randy Velischek, Canadian ice hockey player and coach

Births58 years ago

1962 - Cliff Burton, American heavy metal bassist (d. 1986)

Births58 years ago

1963 - Lenny Dykstra, American baseball player

Births57 years ago

1964 - Glenn Beck, American journalist, producer, and author

Births56 years ago

1966 - Natalie Bennett, Australian-English journalist and politician

Births54 years ago

1966 - Daryl Johnston, American football player and sportscaster

Births54 years ago

1967 - Laura Dern, American actress, director, and producer

Births53 years ago

1967 - Jacky Durand, French cyclist and sportscaster

Births53 years ago

1967 - Vince Gilligan, American director, producer, and screenwriter

Births53 years ago

1968 - Peter Popovic, Swedish ice hockey player and coach

Births52 years ago

1968 - Garrett Reisman, American engineer and astronaut

Births52 years ago

1969 - Joe Mangrum, American painter and sculptor

Births51 years ago

1969 - James Small, South African rugby player

Births51 years ago

1970 - Melissa Doyle, Australian journalist and author

Births50 years ago

1970 - Noureddine Naybet, Moroccan footballer and manager

Births50 years ago

1970 - Åsne Seierstad, Norwegian journalist and author

Births50 years ago

1971 - Lorena Rojas, Mexican actress and singer (d. 2015)

Births49 years ago

1972 - Michael Kasprowicz, Australian cricketer

Births48 years ago

1973 - Martha Lane Fox, Baroness Lane-Fox of Soho, English businesswoman and politician

Births47 years ago

1974 - Elizabeth Banks, American actress

Births46 years ago

1974 - Ty Law, American football player

Births46 years ago

1974 - Ivri Lider, Israeli singer

Births46 years ago

1974 - Henry Paul, New Zealand rugby player and coach

Births46 years ago

1976 - Lance Berkman, American baseball player and coach

Births44 years ago

1976 - Keeley Hawes, English actress

Births44 years ago

1977 - Salif Diao, Senegalese footballer

Births43 years ago

1979 - Joey Hand, American race car driver

Births41 years ago

1980 - César Izturis, Venezuelan baseball player

Births40 years ago

1980 - Enzo Maresca, Italian footballer

Births40 years ago

1980 - Mike Ribeiro, Canadian ice hockey player

Births40 years ago

1981 - Uzo Aduba, American actress

Births39 years ago

1981 - Stephanie Beatriz, American actress

Births39 years ago

1981 - Andrew Johnson, English footballer

Births39 years ago

1981 - Holly Willoughby, English model and television host

Births39 years ago

1982 - Justin Gatlin, American sprinter

Births38 years ago

1982 - Tarmo Neemelo, Estonian footballer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Hamad Al-Tayyar, Kuwaiti footballer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Iafeta Paleaaesina, New Zealand rugby league player

Births38 years ago

1983 - Vic Fuentes, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births37 years ago

1984 - Greg Bird, Australian rugby league player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Alex Gordon, American baseball player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Kim Hyo-jin, South Korean actress

Births36 years ago

1985 - Selçuk İnan, Turkish footballer

Births35 years ago

1986 - Jeff Adrien, American basketball player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Josh Akognon, American basketball player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Radamel Falcao, Colombian footballer

Births34 years ago

1986 - Roberto Jiménez Gago, Spanish footballer

Births34 years ago

1986 - Viktor Troicki, Serbian tennis player

Births34 years ago

1987 - Jakub Kindl, Czech ice hockey player

Births33 years ago

1987 - Facundo Roncaglia, Argentinian footballer

Births33 years ago

1988 - Francesco Acerbi, Italian footballer

Births32 years ago

1989 - Liam Hendriks, Australian baseball player

Births31 years ago

1990 - Barbara Guarischi, Italian cyclist

Births30 years ago

1990 - Choi Soo-young, South Korean singer-songwriter, actress, and dancer

Births30 years ago

1991 - Emma Roberts, American actress

Births29 years ago

1992 - Haruka Nakagawa, Japanese singer and actress

Births28 years ago

1992 - Reinhold Yabo, German footballer

Births28 years ago

1993 - Max Kepler, German baseball player

Births27 years ago

1993 - Filip Twardzik, Czech footballer

Births27 years ago

1993 - Luis Madrigal, Mexican footballer

Births27 years ago

1994 - Kang Seul-gi, South Korean singer and member of Red Velvet

Births26 years ago
Births25 years ago

1996 - Emanuel Mammana, Argentinian footballer

Births24 years ago

1997 - Lilly King, American swimmer

Births23 years ago

1997 - Chloë Grace Moretz, American actress

Births23 years ago

1997 - Nadia Podoroska, Argentinian tennis player

Births23 years ago

2000 - Yara Shahidi, American actress and model

Births20 years ago


547 - Scholastica, Christian nun

Deaths893 years ago
Deaths857 years ago

1242 - Emperor Shijō of Japan (b. 1231)

Deaths778 years ago

1242 - Saint Verdiana, Italian recluse (b. 1182)

Deaths778 years ago
Deaths740 years ago

1306 - John "the Red" Comyn, Scottish nobleman

Deaths714 years ago
Deaths713 years ago

1346 - Blessed Clare of Rimini (b. 1282)

Deaths674 years ago
Deaths549 years ago
Deaths496 years ago

1526 - John V, Count of Oldenburg, German noble (b. 1460)

Deaths494 years ago
Deaths453 years ago

1576 - Wilhelm Xylander, German scholar, translator, and academic (b. 1532)

Deaths444 years ago

1686 - William Dugdale, English genealogist and historian (b. 1605)

Deaths334 years ago

1755 - Montesquieu, French lawyer and philosopher (b. 1689)

Deaths265 years ago

1782 - Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, German theologian and author (b. 1702)

Deaths238 years ago

1829 - Pope Leo XII (b. 1760)

Deaths191 years ago

1837 - Alexander Pushkin, Russian poet and author (b. 1799)

Deaths183 years ago

1854 - José Joaquín de Herrera, Mexican politician and general. President three times (1844–1854) (b. 1792)

Deaths166 years ago

1857 - David Thompson, English-Canadian surveyor and explorer (b. 1770)

Deaths163 years ago

1865 - Heinrich Lenz, Estonian-Italian physicist and academic (b. 1804)

Deaths155 years ago

1879 - Honoré Daumier, French illustrator and painter (b. 1808)

Deaths141 years ago

1887 - Ellen Wood, English author (b. 1814)

Deaths133 years ago

1891 - Sofia Kovalevskaya, Russian-Swedish mathematician and physicist (b. 1850)

Deaths129 years ago

1904 - John A. Roche, American lawyer and politician, 30th Mayor of Chicago (b. 1844)

Deaths116 years ago

1906 - Ezra Butler Eddy, American-Canadian businessman and politician (b. 1827)

Deaths114 years ago

1912 - Joseph Lister, 1st Baron Lister, English surgeon and academic (b. 1827)

Deaths108 years ago

1913 - Konstantinos Tsiklitiras, Greek long jumper (b. 1888)

Deaths107 years ago

1917 - John William Waterhouse, English soldier and painter (b. 1849)

Deaths103 years ago

1918 - Abdul Hamid II, Ottoman sultan (b. 1842)

Deaths102 years ago

1918 - Ernesto Teodoro Moneta, Italian soldier and journalist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1833)

Deaths102 years ago

1920 - Henry Strangways, English-Australian politician, 12th Premier of South Australia (b. 1832)

Deaths100 years ago

1923 - Wilhelm Röntgen, German physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1845)

Deaths97 years ago

1928 - José Sánchez del Río, Mexican martyr and saint (b. 1913)

Deaths92 years ago

1932 - Edgar Wallace, English author and screenwriter (b. 1875)

Deaths88 years ago

1939 - Pope Pius XI (b. 1857)

Deaths81 years ago

1944 - E. M. Antoniadi, Greek-French astronomer and chess player (b. 1870)

Deaths76 years ago

1945 - Anacleto Díaz, Filipino lawyer and jurist (b. 1878)

Deaths75 years ago

1950 - Marcel Mauss, French sociologist and anthropologist (b. 1872)

Deaths70 years ago

1956 - Leonora Speyer, American poet and violinist (b. 1872)

Deaths64 years ago

1956 - Emmanouil Tsouderos, Greek banker and politician, 132nd Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1882)

Deaths64 years ago

1957 - Laura Ingalls Wilder, American author (b. 1867)

Deaths63 years ago

1960 - Aloysius Stepinac, Croatian cardinal (b. 1898)

Deaths60 years ago

1966 - Billy Rose, American composer and songwriter (b. 1899)

Deaths54 years ago

1967 - Dionysios Kokkinos, Greek historian and author (b. 1884)

Deaths53 years ago

1975 - Nikos Kavvadias, Greek sailor and poet (b. 1910)

Deaths45 years ago

1979 - Edvard Kardelj, Slovene general and politician, 2nd Foreign Minister of Yugoslavia (b. 1910)

Deaths41 years ago

1992 - Alex Haley, American soldier, journalist, and author (b. 1921)

Deaths28 years ago

1993 - Fred Hollows, New Zealand-Australian ophthalmologist and academic (b. 1929)

Deaths27 years ago

1995 - Paul Monette, American author, poet, and activist (b. 1945)

Deaths25 years ago

1997 - Brian Connolly, Scottish musician, lead singer The Sweet (b. 1945)

Deaths23 years ago

2000 - Jim Varney, American actor, comedian and writer (b. 1949)

Deaths20 years ago

2001 - Abraham Beame, American academic and politician, 104th Mayor of New York City (b. 1906)

Deaths19 years ago

2001 - Buddy Tate, American saxophonist and clarinet player (b. 1913)

Deaths19 years ago

2002 - Dave Van Ronk, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1936)

Deaths18 years ago

2003 - Edgar de Evia, Mexican-American photographer (b. 1910)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Albert J. Ruffo, American lawyer and politician, Mayor of San Jose (b. 1908)

Deaths17 years ago

2003 - Ron Ziegler, American politician, 14th White House Press Secretary (b. 1939)

Deaths17 years ago

2005 - Arthur Miller, American actor, playwright, and author (b. 1915)

Deaths15 years ago

2006 - James Yancey, American record producer and rapper (b. 1974)

Deaths14 years ago

2008 - Roy Scheider, American actor and boxer (b. 1932)

Deaths12 years ago

2010 - Fred Schaus, American basketball player and coach (b. 1925)

Deaths10 years ago

2010 - Charles Wilson, American lieutenant and politician (b. 1933)

Deaths10 years ago

2011 - Trevor Bailey, English cricketer and journalist (b. 1923)

Deaths9 years ago

2012 - Lloyd Morrison, New Zealand banker and businessman, founded H. R. L. Morrison & Co (b. 1957)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Jeffrey Zaslow, American journalist and author (b. 1958)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - W. Watts Biggers, American author, screenwriter, and animator (b. 1927)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - David Hartman, American-Israeli rabbi and philosopher, founded the Shalom Hartman Institute (b. 1931)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Stuart Hall, Jamaican-English sociologist and theorist (b. 1932)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Shirley Temple, American actress and diplomat (b. 1928)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Naseer Aruri, Palestinian scholar and activist (b. 1934)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Karl Josef Becker, German cardinal and theologian (b. 1928)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Deng Liqun, Chinese theorist and politician (b. 1915)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Fatima Surayya Bajia, Indian-Pakistani author and playwright (b. 1930)

Deaths4 years ago

2017 - Mike Ilitch, American businessman (b. 1929)

Deaths3 years ago

2019 - Carmen Argenziano, American actor (b. 1943)

Deaths1 years ago

2019 - Jan-Michael Vincent, American actor (b. 1944)

Deaths1 years ago

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