Holidays and observances

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances


756 - An Lushan Rebellion: Emperor Xuanzong flees the capital Chang'an as An Lushan's forces advance toward the city.


1223 - Louis VIII becomes King of France upon the death of his father, Philip II.

Events797 years ago

1420 - Battle of Vítkov Hill, decisive victory of Czech Hussite forces commanded by Jan Žižka against Crusade army led by Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor.

Events600 years ago

1769 - An expedition led by Gaspar de Portolá leaves its base in California and sets out to find the Port of Monterey (now Monterey, California).

Events251 years ago

1771 - Foundation of the Mission San Antonio de Padua in modern California by the Franciscan friar Junípero Serra.

Events249 years ago

1789 - French Revolution: Citizens of Paris storm the Bastille.

Events231 years ago

1789 - Alexander Mackenzie finally completes his journey to the mouth of the great river he hoped would take him to the Pacific, but which turns out to flow into the Arctic Ocean. Later named after him, the Mackenzie is the second-longest river system in North America.

Events231 years ago

1790 - French Revolution: Citizens of Paris celebrate the unity of the French people and the national reconciliation in the Fête de la Fédération.

Events230 years ago

1791 - The Priestley Riots drive Joseph Priestley, a supporter of the French Revolution, out of Birmingham, England.

Events229 years ago

1798 - The Sedition Act becomes law in the United States making it a federal crime to write, publish, or utter false or malicious statements about the United States government.

Events222 years ago

1853 - Opening of the first major US world's fair, the Exhibition of the Industry of All Nations in New York City.

Events167 years ago

1865 - First ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper and party, four of whom die on the descent.

Events155 years ago

1874 - The Chicago Fire of 1874 burns down 47 acres of the city, destroying 812 buildings, killing 20, and resulting in the fire insurance industry demanding municipal reforms from Chicago's city council.

Events146 years ago

1877 - The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 began in Martinsburg, West Virginia, when wages of Baltimore and Ohio Railroad workers were cut for the third time in a year. The strike was ended on Sept 4 by local and state militias, and federal troops.

Events143 years ago

1881 - Billy the Kid is shot and killed by Pat Garrett outside Fort Sumner.

Events139 years ago
Events120 years ago

1902 - The Campanile in St Mark's Square, Venice collapses, also demolishing the loggetta.

Events118 years ago

1911 - Harry Atwood, an exhibition pilot for the Wright brothers, lands his airplane at the South Lawn of the White House. He is later awarded a Gold medal from U.S. President William Howard Taft for this feat.

Events109 years ago

1915 - World War I: The McMahon–Hussein Correspondence between Hussein bin Ali, Sharif of Mecca and the British official Henry McMahon concerning the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire begins.

Events105 years ago

1916 - World War I: Start of the Battle of Delville Wood as an action within the Battle of the Somme, which was to last until 3 September 1916.

Events104 years ago

1928 - New Vietnam Revolutionary Party is founded in Huế, providing some of the communist party's most important leaders in its early years.

Events92 years ago

1933 - Gleichschaltung: In Germany, all political parties are outlawed except the Nazi Party.

Events87 years ago

1933 - The Nazi eugenics begins with the proclamation of the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring that calls for the compulsory sterilization of any citizen who suffers from alleged genetic disorders.

Events87 years ago

1938 - Howard Hughes sets a new record by completing a 91-hour airplane flight around the world.

Events82 years ago

1940 - People's Seimas held parliamentary elections, and the Union of Labor Lithuania (ULL) won, paving the way for Lithuania to become Lithuanian SSR; Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, consolidating into the Soviet Union on July 21, 1940.

Events80 years ago

1948 - Palmiro Togliatti, leader of the Italian Communist Party, is shot and wounded near the Italian Parliament.

Events72 years ago

1950 - Korean War: North Korean troops initiate the Battle of Taejon.

Events70 years ago

1957 - Rawya Ateya takes her seat in the National Assembly of Egypt, thereby becoming the first female parliamentarian in the Arab world.

Events63 years ago

1958 - Iraqi Revolution: In Iraq the monarchy is overthrown by popular forces led by Abd al-Karim Qasim, who becomes the nation's new leader.

Events62 years ago

1960 - Jane Goodall arrives at the Gombe Stream Reserve in present-day Tanzania to begin her famous study of chimpanzees in the wild.

Events60 years ago

1965 - The Mariner 4 flyby of Mars takes the first close-up photos of another planet.

Events55 years ago

1969 - Football War: After Honduras loses a soccer match against El Salvador, riots break out in Honduras against Salvadoran migrant workers.

Events51 years ago

1969 - The Federal Reserve Banks begins removing large denominations of United States currency from circulation.

Events51 years ago

1976 - Capital punishment is abolished in Canada.

Events44 years ago

1992 - 386BSD is released by Lynne Jolitz and William Jolitz beginning the Open Source operating system revolution. Linus Torvalds releases his Linux soon afterwards.

Events28 years ago

2002 - French President Jacques Chirac escapes an assassination attempt unscathed during Bastille Day celebrations.

Events18 years ago

2003 - Hurricane Claudette gathers strength over the Gulf of Mexico and heads for the Texas coast, killing two people.

Events17 years ago

2013 - The dedication of Rachel Carson, a sculpture named for the environmentalist, in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Events7 years ago

2015 - NASA's New Horizons probe performs the first flyby of Pluto, and thus completes the initial survey of the Solar System.

Events5 years ago

2016 - A terrorist vehicular attack in Nice, France kills 86 civilians and injures over 400 others.

Events4 years ago


926 - Murakami, emperor of Japan (d. 967)

Births610 years ago
Births572 years ago

1454 - Poliziano, Italian poet and scholar (d. 1494)

Births566 years ago
Births505 years ago

1602 - Cardinal Mazarin, Italian-French cardinal and politician, 2nd Chief Minister of the French Monarch (d. 1661)

Births418 years ago

1608 - George Goring, Lord Goring, English general (d. 1657)

Births412 years ago
Births410 years ago

1634 - Pasquier Quesnel, French priest and theologian (d. 1719)

Births386 years ago

1671 - Jacques d'Allonville, French astronomer and mathematician (d. 1732)

Births349 years ago

1675 - Claude Alexandre de Bonneval, French general (d. 1747)

Births345 years ago

1676 - Caspar Abel, German historian, poet, and theologian (d. 1763)

Births344 years ago

1696 - William Oldys, English historian and author (d. 1761)

Births324 years ago

1721 - John Douglas, Scottish bishop and scholar (d. 1807)

Births299 years ago

1743 - Gavrila Derzhavin, Russian poet and politician (d. 1816)

Births277 years ago

1755 - Michel de Beaupuy, French general (d. 1796)

Births265 years ago

1785 - Mordecai Manuel Noah, American journalist, playwright, and diplomat (d. 1851)

Births235 years ago

1795 - Eleanor Anne Porden, British Romantic poet; wife of the explorer, John Franklin (d. 1825)

Births225 years ago

1801 - Johannes Peter Müller, German physiologist and anatomist (d. 1858)

Births219 years ago

1816 - Arthur de Gobineau, French author and diplomat (d. 1882)

Births204 years ago

1829 - Edward Benson, English archbishop (d. 1896)

Births191 years ago

1859 - Willy Hess, German violinist and educator (d. 1928)

Births161 years ago

1861 - Kate M. Gordon, American activist (d. 1931)

Births159 years ago

1862Florence Bascom, American geologist and educator (d. 1945)

Births158 years ago

1862 – Gustav Klimt, Austrian painter and illustrator (d. 1918)

Births158 years ago

1863 - Arthur Coningham, Australian cricketer (d. 1939)

Births157 years ago

1865 - Arthur Capper, American journalist and politician, 20th Governor of Kansas (d. 1951)

Births155 years ago

1866 - Juliette Wytsman, Belgian painter (d. 1925)

Births154 years ago

1868 - Gertrude Bell, English archaeologist and spy (d. 1926)

Births152 years ago

1872 - Albert Marque, French sculptor and doll maker (d. 1939)

Births148 years ago

1874 - Abbas II of Egypt (d. 1944)

Births146 years ago

1874 - Crawford Vaughan, Australian politician, 27th Premier of South Australia (d. 1947)

Births146 years ago

1878 - Donald Meek, Scottish actor (d. 1946)

Births142 years ago

1885 - Sisavang Vong, Laotian king (d. 1959)

Births135 years ago

1888 - Scipio Slataper, Italian author and critic (d. 1915)

Births132 years ago

1889 - Marco de Gastyne, French painter and illustrator (d. 1982)

Births131 years ago

1889 - Ante Pavelić, Croatian war criminal and Porajmos perpetrator; 1st Foreign Minister of the Independent State of Croatia (d. 1959)

Births131 years ago

1893 - Clarence J. Brown, American publisher and politician, 36th Lieutenant Governor of Ohio (d. 1965)

Births127 years ago

1893 - Garimella Satyanarayana, Indian poet and author (d. 1952)

Births127 years ago

1894 - Dave Fleischer, American animator, director, and producer (d. 1979)

Births126 years ago

1896 - Buenaventura Durruti, Spanish soldier and anarchist (d. 1936)

Births124 years ago

1898 - Happy Chandler, American lawyer and politician, 49th Governor of Kentucky, second Commissioner of Baseball (d. 1991)

Births122 years ago

1901 - Gerald Finzi, English composer and academic (d. 1956)

Births119 years ago

1901 - George Tobias, American actor (d. 1980)

Births119 years ago

1903 - Irving Stone, American author and educator (d. 1989)

Births117 years ago

1906 - Tom Carvel, Greek-American businessman, founded Carvel (d. 1990)

Births114 years ago

1906 - William H. Tunner, American general (d. 1983)

Births114 years ago

1907 - Chico Landi, Brazilian race car driver (d. 1989)

Births113 years ago

1910 - William Hanna, American animator, director, producer, and actor, co-founded Hanna-Barbera (d. 2001)

Births110 years ago

1911 - Pavel Prudnikau, Belarusian poet and author (d. 2000)

Births109 years ago

1912 - Woody Guthrie, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1967)

Births108 years ago

1912 - Buddy Moreno, American musician (d. 2015)

Births108 years ago

1913 - Gerald Ford, American commander, lawyer, and politician, 38th President of the United States (d. 2006)

Births107 years ago

1914 - Fred Fox, French musician (d. 2019)

Births106 years ago

1918 - Ingmar Bergman, Swedish director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2007)

Births102 years ago

1918 - Arthur Laurents, American director, screenwriter, and playwright (d. 2011)

Births102 years ago

1918 - Jay Wright Forrester, American computer engineer and systems scientist (d. 2016)

Births102 years ago

1920 - Shankarrao Chavan, Indian lawyer and politician, Indian Minister of Finance (d. 2004)

Births100 years ago

1920 - Marijohn Wilkin, American country and gospel songwriter (d. 2006)

Births100 years ago

1921 - Sixto Durán Ballén, American-Ecuadorian architect and politician, 48th President of Ecuador (d. 2016)

Births99 years ago

1921 - Leon Garfield, English author (d. 1996)

Births99 years ago

1921 - Armand Gaudreault, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2013)

Births99 years ago

1921 - Geoffrey Wilkinson, English chemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1996)

Births99 years ago

1922 - Robin Olds, American general and pilot (d. 2007)

Births98 years ago

1922 - Elfriede Rinkel, German SS officer (d. 2018)

Births98 years ago

1922 - Käbi Laretei, Estonian-Swedish concert pianist (d. 2014)

Births98 years ago

1923 - René Favaloro, Argentine surgeon and cardiologist (d. 2000)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Dale Robertson, American actor (d. 2013)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Robert Zildjian, American businessman, founded Sabian (d. 2013)

Births97 years ago

1924 - Warren Giese, American football player, coach, and politician (d. 2013)

Births96 years ago

1925 - Bruce L. Douglas, American politician

Births95 years ago

1926 - Wallace Jones, American basketball player and coach (d. 2014)

Births94 years ago

1926 - Harry Dean Stanton, American actor, musician, and singer (d. 2017)

Births94 years ago

1926 - Himayat Ali Shair, Urdu poet

Births94 years ago

1927 - John Chancellor, American journalist (d. 1996)

Births93 years ago

1927 - Mike Esposito, American author and illustrator (d. 2010)

Births93 years ago

1928 - Nancy Olson, American actress

Births92 years ago

1928 - William Rees-Mogg, English journalist and public servant (d. 2012)

Births92 years ago

1930 - Polly Bergen, American actress and singer (d. 2014)

Births90 years ago

1930 - Benoît Sinzogan, Beninese military officer and politician

Births90 years ago

1931 - Jacqueline de Ribes, French fashion designer and philanthropist

Births89 years ago

1931 - E. V. Thompson, English police officer and author (d. 2012)

Births89 years ago

1932 - Rosey Grier, American football player and actor

Births88 years ago

1932 - Del Reeves, American country singer-songwriter (d. 2007)

Births88 years ago

1933 - Robert Bourassa, Canadian lawyer and politician, 22nd Premier of Quebec (d. 1996)

Births87 years ago

1933 - Dumaagiin Sodnom, Mongolian politician; 13th Prime Minister of Mongolia

Births87 years ago

1936 - Robert F. Overmyer, American colonel, pilot, and astronaut (d. 1996)

Births84 years ago

1937 - Yoshirō Mori, Japanese journalist and politician, 55th Prime Minister of Japan

Births83 years ago

1938 - Jerry Rubin, American activist, author, and businessman (d. 1994)

Births82 years ago

1938 - Tommy Vig, Hungarian vibraphone player, drummer, and composer

Births82 years ago

1939 - Karel Gott, Czech singer-songwriter and actor (d. 2019)

Births81 years ago

1939 - George Edgar Slusser, American scholar and author (d. 2014)

Births81 years ago

1940 - Susan Howatch, English author and academic

Births80 years ago

1941 - Maulana Karenga, American philosopher, author, and activist, created Kwanzaa

Births79 years ago

1941 - Andreas Khol, German-Austrian lawyer and politician

Births79 years ago

1942 - Javier Solana, Spanish physicist and politician, Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs

Births78 years ago

1945 - Jim Gordon, American drummer and songwriter

Births75 years ago

1946 - Sue Lawley, English journalist

Births74 years ago

1946 - John Wood, Australian actor and screenwriter

Births74 years ago

1947 - John Blackman, Australian radio and television presenter

Births73 years ago

1947 - Claudia J. Kennedy, American general

Births73 years ago

1947 - Salih Neftçi, Turkish economist and author (d. 2009)

Births73 years ago

1947 - Navin Ramgoolam, Mauritius physician and politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Mauritius

Births73 years ago
Births72 years ago

1948 - Tom Latham, American politician

Births72 years ago

1948 - Earl Williams, American baseball player (d. 2013)

Births72 years ago

1949 - Tommy Mottola, American businessman and music publisher

Births71 years ago

1950 - Bruce Oldfield, English fashion designer

Births70 years ago

1952 - Bob Casale, American guitarist, keyboard player, and producer (d. 2014)

Births68 years ago

1952 - Franklin Graham, American evangelist and missionary

Births68 years ago

1952 - George Lewis, American musician and composer

Births68 years ago

1952 - Joel Silver, American actor and producer, co-founded Dark Castle Entertainment

Births68 years ago

1953 - Martha Coakley, American lawyer and politician, 58th Attorney General of Massachusetts

Births67 years ago

1955 - L. Brent Bozell III, American journalist and activist, founded the Media Research Center

Births65 years ago

1958 - Mircea Geoană, Romanian politician and diplomat, 97th Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs

Births62 years ago

1959 - Aubrey McClendon, American businessman (d. 2016)

Births61 years ago

1960 - Anna Bligh, Australian politician, 37th Premier of Queensland

Births60 years ago

1960 - Kyle Gass, American singer-songwriter, musician, and actor

Births60 years ago

1960 - Angélique Kidjo, Beninese singer-songwriter, activist, and actor

Births60 years ago

1960 - Jane Lynch, American actress and game show host

Births60 years ago

1960 - Mike McPhee, Canadian ice hockey player

Births60 years ago

1961 - Jackie Earle Haley, American actor

Births59 years ago

1962 - Vanessa Lawrence, English geographer and civil servant

Births58 years ago

1963 - Jacques Lacombe, Canadian organist and conductor

Births57 years ago

1964 - Brett Ogle, Australian golfer

Births56 years ago

1964 - Igor Shpilband, Russian-American ice dancer and coach

Births56 years ago

1965 - Urmas Kruuse, Estonian lawyer and politician, 41st Mayor of Tartu

Births55 years ago

1965 - Collins Nweke, Belgian politician of Nigerian origin, 1st foreign born person elected to political office in West Flanders

Births55 years ago

1966 - Matthew Fox, American actor

Births54 years ago

1966 - Matt Hume, American mixed martial artist and trainer

Births54 years ago

1966 - Brian Selznick, American author and illustrator

Births54 years ago

1967 - Marios Constantinou, Cypriot footballer and manager

Births53 years ago

1967 - Jeff Jarrett, American wrestler and promoter, co-founder of Impact Wrestling

Births53 years ago

1967 - Patrick J. Kennedy, American politician

Births53 years ago

1967 - Hashan Tillakaratne, Sri Lankan cricketer

Births53 years ago

1967 - Robin Ventura, American baseball player and manager

Births53 years ago

1968 - Michael Palmer, Singaporean lawyer and politician, 8th Speaker of the Parliament of Singapore

Births52 years ago

1969 - José Hernández, Puerto Rican-American baseball player and coach

Births51 years ago

1969 - Sven Sester, Estonian politician

Births51 years ago

1970 - Jacob Young, Norwegian guitarist

Births50 years ago

1971 - Howard Webb, English footballer and referee

Births49 years ago

1973 - Tani Fuga, Samoan rugby player

Births47 years ago

1973 - Paul Methric, American rapper and producer

Births47 years ago

1974 - Erick Dampier, American basketball player

Births46 years ago

1974 - David Mitchell, British comedian

Births46 years ago

1975 - Derlei, Brazilian footballer

Births45 years ago

1975 - Tim Hudson, American baseball player

Births45 years ago

1975 - Jamey Johnson, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births45 years ago

1977 - Gordon Cree, Scottish singer-songwriter and pianist

Births43 years ago
Births43 years ago

1978 - Mattias Ekström, Swedish race car driver

Births42 years ago

1979 - Bernie Castro, Dominican baseball player

Births41 years ago

1979 - Axel Teichmann, German skier

Births41 years ago

1980 - George Smith, Australian rugby player

Births40 years ago

1981 - Matti Hautamäki, Finnish ski jumper

Births39 years ago

1981 - Robbie Maddison, Australian motorcycle racer

Births39 years ago

1982 - Dmitry Chaplin, Russian-American dancer and choreographer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Achille Coser, Italian footballer

Births38 years ago

1983 - Igor Andreev, Russian tennis player

Births37 years ago

1983 - Thomas Howard, American football player (d. 2013)

Births37 years ago

1983 - Tito Muñoz, American conductor and academic

Births37 years ago

1984 - Renaldo Balkman, American basketball player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Erica Blasberg, American golfer (d. 2010)

Births36 years ago

1984 - Lenka Dlhopolcová, Slovak tennis player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Mounir El Hamdaoui, Moroccan footballer

Births36 years ago

1984 - Samir Handanović, Slovenian footballer

Births36 years ago

1984 - Nilmar, Brazilian footballer

Births36 years ago

1985 - Billy Celeski, Australian footballer

Births35 years ago

1985 - Darrelle Revis, American football player

Births35 years ago

1985 - Chris Wright, English cricketer

Births35 years ago

1986 - Alexander Gerndt, Swedish footballer

Births34 years ago

1986 - Nikolay Kulemin, Russian ice hockey player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Dan Smith, English singer-songwriter

Births34 years ago

1987 - Aqeel Ahmed, English director, producer, and screenwriter

Births33 years ago

1987 - Margus Hunt, Estonian-American football player, discus thrower, and shot putter

Births33 years ago

1987 - Adam Johnson, English footballer

Births33 years ago

1987 - Dan Reynolds, American singer-songwriter

Births33 years ago

1987 - Sean Smith, American football player

Births33 years ago

1987 - Ryan Sweeting, Bahamian-American tennis player

Births33 years ago

1988 - Conor McGregor, Irish mixed martial artist

Births32 years ago

1988 - James Vaughan, English footballer

Births32 years ago

1989 - Sakari Mattila, Finnish footballer

Births31 years ago

1989 - Rolando McClain, American football player

Births31 years ago

1989 - Cyril Rioli, Australian rules footballer

Births31 years ago

1991 - Shabazz Napier, American basketball player

Births29 years ago

1993 - Sayaka Yamamoto, Japanese singer

Births27 years ago

1995 - Kim Hyo-joo, South Korean golfer

Births25 years ago

1995 - Federico Mattiello, Italian footballer

Births25 years ago

1995 - Serge Gnabry, German footballer

Births25 years ago

1997 - Cengiz Ünder, Turkish footballer

Births23 years ago


664 - Eorcenberht, king of Kent


809 - Ōtomo no Otomaro, Japanese general and Shōgun (b. 731)


937 - Arnulf I, duke of Bavaria


1223 - Philip II, king of France (b. 1165)

Deaths797 years ago

1242 - Hōjō Yasutoki, regent of Japan (b. 1183)

Deaths778 years ago

1262 - Richard de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester, English soldier (b. 1222)

Deaths758 years ago
Deaths534 years ago

1526 - John de Vere, 14th Earl of Oxford, English peer, landowner, and Lord Great Chamberlain of England (b. 1499)

Deaths494 years ago

1575 - Richard Taverner, English translator (b. 1505)

Deaths445 years ago

1614 - Camillus de Lellis, Italian priest and saint (b. 1550)

Deaths406 years ago

1723 - Claude Fleury, French historian and author (b. 1640)

Deaths297 years ago

1742 - Richard Bentley, English scholar and theologian (b. 1662)

Deaths278 years ago

1766 - František Maxmilián Kaňka, Czech architect (b. 1674)

Deaths254 years ago

1774 - James O'Hara, 2nd Baron Tyrawley, Irish field marshal (b. 1682)

Deaths246 years ago

1780 - Charles Batteux, French philosopher and academic (b. 1713)

Deaths240 years ago

1789 - Jacques de Flesselles, French politician (b. 1721)

Deaths231 years ago

1789 - Bernard-René de Launay, French politician (b. 1740)

Deaths231 years ago

1790 - Ernst Gideon von Laudon, Austrian field marshal (b. 1717)

Deaths230 years ago

1809 - Nicodemus the Hagiorite, Greek monk and saint (b. 1749)

Deaths211 years ago

1816 - Francisco de Miranda, Venezuelan general (b. 1750)

Deaths204 years ago

1817 - Germaine de Staël, French philosopher and author (b. 1766)

Deaths203 years ago

1827 - Augustin-Jean Fresnel, French physicist and engineer, reviver of wave theory of light, inventor of catadioptric lighthouse lens (b. 1788)

Deaths193 years ago

1834 - Edmond-Charles Genêt, French-American diplomat (b. 1763)

Deaths186 years ago

1850 - August Neander, German historian and theologian (b. 1789)

Deaths170 years ago

1856 - Edward Vernon Utterson, English lawyer and historian (b. 1775)

Deaths164 years ago

1876 - John Buckley, English soldier, Victoria Cross recipient (b. 1813)

Deaths144 years ago

1881 - Billy the Kid, American criminal (b. 1859)

Deaths139 years ago

1904 - Paul Kruger, South African politician, 5th President of the South African Republic (b. 1824)

Deaths116 years ago

1907 - William Henry Perkin, English chemist and academic (b. 1838)

Deaths113 years ago

1910 - Marius Petipa, French dancer and choreographer (b. 1818)

Deaths110 years ago

1917 - Octave Lapize, French cyclist (b. 1887)

Deaths103 years ago

1918 - Quentin Roosevelt, American lieutenant and pilot (b. 1897)

Deaths102 years ago

1936 - Dhan Gopal Mukerji, Indian-American author and scholar (b. 1890)

Deaths84 years ago

1937 - Julius Meier, American businessman and politician, 20th Governor of Oregon (b. 1874)

Deaths83 years ago

1939 - Alphonse Mucha, Czech painter and illustrator (b. 1860)

Deaths81 years ago

1954 - Jacinto Benavente, Spanish author and playwright, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1866)

Deaths66 years ago

1965 - Adlai Stevenson II, American soldier and politician, 5th United States Ambassador to the United Nations (b. 1900)

Deaths55 years ago

1966 - Julie Manet, French painter and art collector (b. 1878)

Deaths54 years ago

1967 - Tudor Arghezi, Romanian author and poet (b. 1880)

Deaths53 years ago

1968 - Konstantin Paustovsky, Russian author and poet (b. 1892)

Deaths52 years ago

1970 - Preston Foster, American actor (b. 1900)

Deaths50 years ago

1973 - Ali Kılıç, Turkish captain and politician (b. 1890)

Deaths47 years ago

1974 - Carl Andrew Spaatz, American general (b. 1891)

Deaths46 years ago

1975 - Madan Mohan, Iraqi-Indian composer and conductor (b. 1924)

Deaths45 years ago

1979 - Walter Keppel, 9th Earl of Albemarle, English nobleman and soldier (b. 1882)

Deaths41 years ago

1984 - Ernest Tidyman, American author and screenwriter (b. 1928)

Deaths36 years ago

1986 - Raymond Loewy, French-American industrial designer (b. 1893)

Deaths34 years ago

1989 - Frank Bell, English linguist and academic (b. 1916)

Deaths31 years ago

1991 - Constance Stokes, Australian painter (b. 1906)

Deaths29 years ago

1993 - Léo Ferré, Monacan singer-songwriter, pianist, and poet (b. 1916)

Deaths27 years ago

1994 - César Tovar, Venezuelan baseball player (b. 1940)

Deaths26 years ago

1996 - Jeff Krosnoff, American race car driver (b. 1964)

Deaths24 years ago

1998 - Richard McDonald, American businessman, co-founded McDonald's (b. 1909)

Deaths22 years ago

2000 - Pepo, Chilean cartoonist (b. 1911)

Deaths20 years ago

2000 - William Roscoe Estep, American historian and academic (b. 1920)

Deaths20 years ago

2000 - Meredith MacRae, American actress (b. 1944)

Deaths20 years ago

2001 - Guy de Lussigny, French painter (b. 1929)

Deaths19 years ago

2002 - Joaquín Balaguer, Dominican lawyer and politician, 41st President of the Dominican Republic (b. 1906)

Deaths18 years ago

2002 - Fritz Glatz, Austrian race car driver (b. 1943)

Deaths18 years ago

2003 - François-Albert Angers, Canadian economist and academic (b. 1909)

Deaths17 years ago

2005 - Joe Harnell, American pianist and composer (b. 1924)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Cicely Saunders, English hospice founder (b. 1918)

Deaths15 years ago

2007 - John Ferguson Sr., Canadian ice hockey player, coach, and manager (b. 1938)

Deaths13 years ago
Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Don Brinkley, American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1921)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Frank R. Burns, American football player and coach (b. 1928)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - King Hill, American football player (b. 1936)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Sixten Jernberg, Swedish skier (b. 1929)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Roy Shaw, English businessman and boxer (b. 1936)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - Herbert M. Allison, American lieutenant and businessman (b. 1943)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Matt Batts, American baseball player and coach (b. 1921)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Dennis Burkley, American actor, director, and producer (b. 1945)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Bill Warner, American motorcycle racer (b. 1969)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Vladimir Mikhailovich Zakharov, Russian dancer and choreographer (b. 1946)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Alice Coachman, American high jumper (b. 1923)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Vange Leonel, Brazilian singer-songwriter and activist (b. 1963)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - John Victor Parker, American soldier, lawyer, and judge (b. 1928)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Willer Bordon, Italian businessman, academic, and politician, Italian Minister of the Environment (b. 1949)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Wolf Gremm, German director and producer (b. 1942)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Masao Horiba, Japanese businessman, founded Horiba (b. 1924)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Helena Benitez, Filipino politician, educator and environmentalist (b. 1914)

Deaths4 years ago

2017 - Maryam Mirzakhani, Iranian mathematician (b. 1977)

Deaths3 years ago

Christian feast day

Christian feast day

Camillus de Lellis (Roman Catholic Church, except in the United States)

Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day

Kateri Tekakwitha (United States)

Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day
Christian feast day