Holidays and observances

Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances
Holidays and observances

The fourth day of Kwanzaa (United States)

Holidays and observances


875 - Charles the Bald, King of the Franks, is crowned as Holy Roman Emperor Charles II.


1170 - Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, is assassinated inside Canterbury Cathedral by followers of King Henry II; he subsequently becomes a saint and martyr in the Anglican Communion and the Catholic Church.

Events850 years ago

1427 - The Ming army begins its withdrawal from Hanoi, ending the Chinese domination of Đại Việt.

Events593 years ago

1503 - The Battle of Garigliano (1503) was fought between a Spanish army under Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba and a French army commanded by Ludovico II, Marquess of Saluzzo.

Events517 years ago

1508 - Portuguese forces under the command of Francisco de Almeida attack Khambhat at the Battle of Dabul.

Events512 years ago

1778 - American Revolutionary War: Three thousand British soldiers under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Archibald Campbell capture Savannah, Georgia.

Events242 years ago

1812 - USS Constitution, under the command of Captain William Bainbridge, captures HMS Java off the coast of Brazil after a three-hour battle.

Events208 years ago

1835 - The Treaty of New Echota is signed, ceding all the lands of the Cherokee east of the Mississippi River to the United States.

Events185 years ago

1845 - In accordance with International Boundary delimitation, the United States annexes the Republic of Texas, following the manifest destiny doctrine. The Republic of Texas, which had been independent since the Texas Revolution of 1836, is thereupon admitted as the 28th U.S. state.

Events175 years ago

1851 - The first American YMCA opens in Boston, Massachusetts.

Events169 years ago

1860 - The launch of HMS Warrior, with her combination of screw propeller, iron hull and iron armour, renders all previous warships obsolete.

Events160 years ago

1874 - The military coup of Gen. Martinez Campos in Sagunto ends the failed First Spanish Republic and the monarchy is restored as Prince Alfonso is proclaimed King of Spain.

Events146 years ago

1876 - The Ashtabula River railroad disaster occurs, leaving 64 injured and 92 dead at Ashtabula, Ohio.

Events144 years ago
Events130 years ago

1911 - Mongolia gains independence from the Qing dynasty, enthroning 8th Jebtsundamba Khutughtu as Khagan of Mongolia.

Events109 years ago

1911 - Sun Yat-sen becomes the provisional President of the Republic of China; he formally takes office on January 1, 1912.

Events109 years ago

1916 - A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, the first novel by James Joyce, was first published as a book by an American publishing house B. W. Huebschis after it had been serialized in The Egoist (1914–15).

Events104 years ago

1930 - Sir Muhammad Iqbal's presidential address in Allahabad introduces the two-nation theory and outlines a vision for the creation of Pakistan.

Events90 years ago

1934 - Japan renounces the Washington Naval Treaty of 1922 and the London Naval Treaty of 1930.

Events86 years ago

1937 - The Irish Free State is replaced by a new state called Ireland with the adoption of a new constitution.

Events83 years ago

1940 - World War II: In the Second Great Fire of London, the Luftwaffe fire-bombs London, England, killing almost 200 civilians.

Events80 years ago

1949 - KC2XAK of Bridgeport, Connecticut becomes the first Ultra high frequency (UHF) television station to operate a daily schedule.

Events71 years ago

1972 - Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 (a Lockheed L-1011 TriStar) crashes in the Florida Everglades on approach to Miami International Airport, Florida, killing 101 of the 176 people on board.

Events48 years ago

1975 - A bomb explodes at LaGuardia Airport in New York City, killing 11 people and injuring 74.

Events45 years ago

1989 - Czech writer, philosopher and dissident Václav Havel is elected the first post-communist President of Czechoslovakia.

Events31 years ago

1989 - The Nikkei 225 for the Tokyo Stock Exchange hits its all-time intra-day high of 38,957.44 and closing high at 38,915.87, serving as the apex of the Japanese asset price bubble.

Events31 years ago

1992 - Fernando Collor de Mello, president of Brazil, tries to resign amidst corruption charges, but is then impeached.

Events28 years ago

1994 - Turkish Airlines Flight 278 (a Boeing 737-400) crashes on approach to Van Ferit Melen Airport in Van, Turkey, killing 57 of the 76 people on board.

Events26 years ago

1996 - Guatemala and leaders of Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity sign a peace accord ending a 36-year civil war.

Events24 years ago

1997 - Hong Kong begins to kill all the city's 1.25 million chickens to stop the spread of a potentially deadly influenza strain.

Events23 years ago

1998 - Leaders of the Khmer Rouge apologize for the 1970s genocide in Cambodia that claimed over one million lives.

Events22 years ago

2003 - The last known speaker of Akkala Sami dies, rendering the language extinct.

Events17 years ago

2006 - The UK settles its Anglo-American loan, post-WWII loan debt.

Events14 years ago

2012 - A Tupolev Tu-204 airliner crashes in a ditch between the airport fence and the M3 highway after overshooting a runway at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow, Russia, killing five people and leaving three others critically injured.

Events8 years ago

2013 - A suicide bomb attack at the Volgograd-1 railway station in the southern Russian city of Volgograd kills at least 18 people and wounds 40 others.

Events7 years ago


765 - Ali al-Ridha, Arab scholar and imam (d. 818)


1019 - Munjong, Korean ruler (d. 1083)

Births1001 years ago

1536 - Henry VI, German nobleman (d. 1572)

Births484 years ago

1550 - García de Silva Figueroa, Spanish diplomat and traveller (d. 1624)

Births470 years ago

1633 - Johannes Zollikofer, Swiss vicar (d. 1692)

Births387 years ago

1709 - Elizabeth Petrovna, Russian empress (d. 1762)

Births311 years ago

1746 - Saverio Cassar, Maltese priest and rebel leader (d. 1805)

Births274 years ago

1766 - Charles Macintosh, Scottish chemist and the inventor of waterproof fabric (d. 1843)

Births254 years ago

1796 - Johann Christian Poggendorff, German physicist and journalist (d. 1877)

Births224 years ago

1800 - Charles Goodyear, American chemist and engineer (d. 1860)

Births220 years ago

1808 - Andrew Johnson, American general and politician, 17th President of the United States (d. 1875)

Births212 years ago

1809 - William Ewart Gladstone, English lawyer and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (d. 1898)

Births211 years ago

1816 - Carl Ludwig, German physician and physiologist (d. 1895)

Births204 years ago

1844 - Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee, Indian barrister and was the first president of Indian National Congress. (d. 1906)

Births176 years ago

1855 - August Kitzberg, Estonian author and poet (d. 1927)

Births165 years ago

1856 - Thomas Joannes Stieltjes, Dutch-French mathematician and academic (d. 1894)

Births164 years ago

1859 - Venustiano Carranza, Mexican soldier and politician, 37th President of Mexico (d. 1920)

Births161 years ago

1874 - François Brandt, Dutch rower and bishop (d. 1949)

Births146 years ago

1876 - Pablo Casals, Catalan cellist and conductor (d. 1973)

Births144 years ago

1879 - Billy Mitchell, American general and pilot (d. 1936)

Births141 years ago

1881 - Jess Willard, American boxer (d. 1968)

Births139 years ago

1885 - Roman von Ungern-Sternberg, Austrian-Russian general (d. 1921)

Births135 years ago

1886 - Norman Hallows, English runner and captain (d. 1968)

Births134 years ago

1895 - Oswald Freisler, German lawyer and author (d. 1939)

Births125 years ago

1896 - David Alfaro Siqueiros, Mexican painter (d. 1974)

Births124 years ago

1899 - Nie Rongzhen, Chinese general and politician, Mayor of Beijing (d. 1992)

Births121 years ago

1902 - Nels Stewart, Canadian ice hockey player (d. 1957)

Births118 years ago

1903 - Candido Portinari, Brazilian painter (d. 1962)

Births117 years ago

1904 - Kuvempu, Indian author and poet (d. 1994)

Births116 years ago

1908 - Helmut Gollwitzer, German theologian and author (d. 1993)

Births112 years ago

1908 - Magnus Pyke, English scientist and author (d. 1992)

Births112 years ago

1910 - Ronald Coase, English-American economist, author, and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2013)

Births110 years ago

1911 - Klaus Fuchs, German physicist and spy (d. 1988)

Births109 years ago

1914 - Zainul Abedin, Bangladeshi painter and academic (d. 1976)

Births106 years ago

1914 - Billy Tipton, American pianist and saxophonist (d. 1989)

Births106 years ago

1914 - Albert Tucker, Australian painter and illustrator (d. 1999)

Births106 years ago

1915 - Bill Osmanski, American football player and coach (d. 1996)

Births105 years ago

1915 - Robert Ruark, American hunter and author (d. 1965)

Births105 years ago

1915 - Jo Van Fleet, American actress (d. 1996)

Births105 years ago

1917 - Tom Bradley, American lieutenant, lawyer, and politician, 38th Mayor of Los Angeles (d. 1998)

Births103 years ago

1917 - Ramanand Sagar, Indian director and producer (d. 2005)

Births103 years ago

1919 - Alfred de Grazia, American political scientist and author (d. 2014)

Births101 years ago

1919 - Roman Vlad, Italian pianist and composer (d. 2013)

Births101 years ago

1920 - Viveca Lindfors, Swedish-American actress, singer and poet (d. 1995)

Births100 years ago
Births99 years ago

1922 - Little Joe Cook, American singer-songwriter (d. 2014)

Births98 years ago

1922 - William Gaddis, American author and academic (d. 1998)

Births98 years ago

1923 - Cheikh Anta Diop, Senegalese historian, anthropologist, and physicist (d. 1986)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Morton Estrin, American pianist and educator (d. 2017)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Dina Merrill, American actress, game show panelist, socialite, heiress, and businesswoman (d. 2017)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Shlomo Venezia, Greek-Italian author and Holocaust survivor (d. 2012)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Yvonne Choquet-Bruhat, French mathematician and physicist

Births97 years ago

1924 - Joe Allbritton, American businessman and publisher, founded the Allbritton Communications Company (d. 2012)

Births96 years ago

1924 - Kim Song-ae, Korean politician (d.2014)

Births96 years ago

1925 - Pete Dye, American golfer and architect

Births95 years ago

1927 - Andy Stanfield, American sprinter (d. 1985)

Births93 years ago

1929 - Matt Murphy, American guitarist (d. 2018)

Births91 years ago

1931 - Stasys Stonkus, Lithuanian basketball player and coach (d. 2012)

Births89 years ago

1932 - Inga Swenson, American actress and singer

Births88 years ago

1933 - Samuel Brittan, English journalist and author

Births87 years ago

1934 - Ed Flanders, American actor (d. 1995)

Births86 years ago

1936 - Mary Tyler Moore, American actress and producer (d. 2017)

Births84 years ago

1936 - Ray Nitschke, American football player (d. 1998)

Births84 years ago

1937 - Wayne Huizenga, American businessman, founded AutoNation (d. 2018)

Births83 years ago

1938 - Harvey Smith, English horse rider and sportscaster

Births82 years ago

1938 - Jon Voight, American actor and producer

Births82 years ago

1939 - Ed Bruce, American country music singer-songwriter

Births81 years ago

1941 - Ray Thomas, English singer-songwriter and flute player (d. 2018)

Births79 years ago

1942 - Rajesh Khanna, Indian actor (d. 2012)

Births78 years ago

1942 - Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, Honduran cardinal

Births78 years ago

1943 - Bill Aucoin, American talent manager (d. 2010)

Births77 years ago

1943 - Molly Bang, American author and illustrator

Births77 years ago

1943 - Rick Danko, Canadian singer-songwriter, bass player, and producer (d. 1999)

Births77 years ago

1944 - Rodney Redmond, New Zealand cricketer

Births76 years ago

1945 - Birendra of Nepal, King of Nepal from 1972 to 2001 (d. 2001)

Births75 years ago

1946 - Marianne Faithfull, English singer-songwriter and actress

Births74 years ago

1946 - Laffit Pincay, Jr., Panamanian jockey

Births74 years ago

1947 - Richard Crandall, American physicist and computer scientist (d. 2012)

Births73 years ago

1947 - Ted Danson, American actor and producer

Births73 years ago

1947 - Leonhard Lapin, Estonian architect and poet

Births73 years ago

1947 - Cozy Powell, English drummer, songwriter, and producer (d. 1998)

Births73 years ago

1947 - David Tanner, English rower and coach

Births73 years ago

1947 - Vincent Winter, Scottish actor, director, and production manager (d. 1998)

Births73 years ago

1948 - Peter Robinson, Northern Irish politician, 3rd First Minister of Northern Ireland

Births72 years ago

1949 - David Topliss, English rugby league player and coach (d. 2008)

Births71 years ago

1951 - Yvonne Elliman, American singer-songwriter and actress

Births69 years ago

1952 - Gelsey Kirkland, American ballerina and choreographer

Births68 years ago

1953 - Thomas Bach, German fencer, lawyer and sports administrator; 9th President of the International Olympic Committee

Births67 years ago

1953 - Alan Rusbridger, Zambia-born English journalist and academic

Births67 years ago

1953 - Kate Schmidt, American javelin thrower and coach

Births67 years ago

1953 - Stanley Williams, American gang leader, co-founded the Crips (d. 2005)

Births67 years ago

1953 - Charlayne Woodard, American actress and playwright

Births67 years ago

1954 - Albrecht Böttcher, German mathematician and author

Births66 years ago

1954 - Roger Voudouris, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 2003)

Births66 years ago

1955 - Donald D. Hoffman, American quantitative psychologist and popular science writer

Births65 years ago

1956 - Katy Munger, American writer

Births64 years ago

1957 - Brad Grey, American screenwriter and producer (d. 2017)

Births63 years ago

1957 - Oliver Hirschbiegel, German actor, director, and producer

Births63 years ago

1957 - Iain Paxton, Scottish rugby player and coach

Births63 years ago

1957 - Paul Rudnick, American author, playwright, and screenwriter

Births63 years ago

1958 - Nancy J. Currie, American colonel, engineer, and astronaut

Births62 years ago

1959 - Keith Crossan, Irish rugby player

Births61 years ago

1959 - Patricia Clarkson, American actress

Births61 years ago

1959 - Ann Demeulemeester, Belgian fashion designer

Births61 years ago

1959 - Milton Ottey, Jamaican-Canadian high jumper and coach

Births61 years ago

1959 - Paula Poundstone, American comedian and author

Births61 years ago

1960 - David Boon, Australian cricketer

Births60 years ago

1960 - David Gilbert, Australian cricketer

Births60 years ago

1960 - Thomas Lubanga Dyilo, Congolese militia leader, founded the Union of Congolese Patriots

Births60 years ago

1961 - Kevin Granata, American engineer and academic (d. 2007)

Births59 years ago

1961 - Jim Reid, Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births59 years ago

1961 - Richard Horton, English physician and journalist

Births59 years ago

1962 - Wynton Rufer, New Zealand footballer

Births58 years ago

1962 - Devon White, Jamaican-American baseball player

Births58 years ago

1962 - Carles Puigdemont, Catalan politician and former president

Births58 years ago

1963 - Des Foy, English rugby player

Births57 years ago

1963 - Dave McKean, English illustrator, photographer, director, and pianist

Births57 years ago

1963 - Sean Payton, American football player and coach

Births57 years ago

1963 - Liisa Savijarvi, Canadian skier

Births57 years ago

1964 - Michael Cudlitz, American actor

Births56 years ago

1965 - Laurent Boudouani, French boxer

Births55 years ago

1965 - Dexter Holland, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births55 years ago

1965 - Danilo Pérez, Panamanian pianist and composer

Births55 years ago

1966 - Stefano Eranio, Italian footballer and coach

Births54 years ago

1966 - Martin Offiah, English rugby league player and sportscaster

Births54 years ago

1966 - Jeff Luhnow, American businessman

Births54 years ago

1967 - Ashleigh Banfield, Canadian-American journalist

Births53 years ago

1967 - Evan Seinfeld, American bass player, actor, and director

Births53 years ago

1967 - Lilly Wachowski, American director, screenwriter and producer

Births53 years ago

1968 - Ri Pun-hui, North Korean table tennis player

Births52 years ago

1969 - Jennifer Ehle, American actress

Births51 years ago

1969 - Allan McNish, Scottish race car driver and journalist

Births51 years ago

1970 - Enrico Chiesa, Italian footballer and manager

Births50 years ago

1970 - Aled Jones, Welsh singer and television host

Births50 years ago

1970 - Glen Phillips, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Toad the Wet Sprocket)

Births50 years ago

1971 - Besnik Hasi, Kosovo Albanian football manager and former player

Births49 years ago

1972 - Jude Law, English actor

Births48 years ago

1973 - Theo Epstein, American businessman

Births47 years ago

1974 - Twinkle Khanna, Indian actress and writer

Births46 years ago

1974 - Mekhi Phifer, American actor and producer

Births46 years ago

1974 - Richie Sexson, American baseball player and coach

Births46 years ago

1974 - Ryan Shore, Canadian composer and producer

Births46 years ago

1975 - Shawn Hatosy, American actor

Births45 years ago

1975 - Jaret Wright, American baseball player

Births45 years ago

1976 - Filip Kuba, Czech ice hockey player

Births44 years ago

1976 - Danny McBride, American actor, producer and screenwriter

Births44 years ago

1977 - Jimmy Journell, American baseball player

Births43 years ago

1978 - Jake Berry, English lawyer and politician

Births42 years ago

1978 - Matthew Carr, Australian footballer

Births42 years ago

1978 - Kieron Dyer, English footballer and coach

Births42 years ago

1978 - Danny Higginbotham, English footballer and journalist

Births42 years ago

1978 - Steve Kemp, English drummer

Births42 years ago

1979 - Mitsuhiro Ishida, Japanese mixed martial artist

Births41 years ago

1979 - Diego Luna, Mexican actor, director and producer

Births41 years ago

1979 - Moe Oshikiri, Japanese model and actress

Births41 years ago

1979 - George Parros, American ice hockey player

Births41 years ago

1981 - Shizuka Arakawa, Japanese figure skater and sportscaster

Births39 years ago

1981 - Shaun Suisham, American football player

Births39 years ago

1981 - Vjatšeslav Zahovaiko, Estonian footballer

Births39 years ago

1982 - Alison Brie, American actress and singer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Brian Hill, Canadian swimmer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Dale Morris, Australian footballer

Births38 years ago

1982 - Norbert Siedler, Austrian race car driver

Births38 years ago

1983 - Jessica Andrews, American singer-songwriter

Births37 years ago

1983 - James Kelly, Australian footballer

Births37 years ago

1984 - Brenton Lawrence, Australian rugby league player

Births36 years ago

1984 - Reimo Tamm, Estonian basketball player

Births36 years ago

1985 - Alexa Ray Joel, American singer-songwriter

Births35 years ago

1986 - Joe Anyon, English footballer

Births34 years ago

1987 - Juliana Huxtable, American artist

Births33 years ago

1987 - Iain De Caestecker, Scottish actor

Births33 years ago

1987 - Yuhi Sekiguchi, Japanese race car driver

Births33 years ago

1988 - Eric Berry, American football player

Births32 years ago

1988 - Christen Press, American footballer

Births32 years ago

1988 - Ágnes Szávay, Hungarian tennis player

Births32 years ago

1989 - Kei Nishikori, Japanese tennis player

Births31 years ago

1993 - Travis Head, Australian cricketer

Births27 years ago

1995 - Ross Lynch, American singer and actor

Births25 years ago

1996 - Sana Minatozaki, Japanese singer (Twice)

Births24 years ago

2000 - Eliot Vassamillet, Belgian singer

Births20 years ago


721 - Empress Genmei of Japan (b. 660)

Deaths895 years ago

1170 - Thomas Becket, English archbishop and saint (b. 1118)

Deaths850 years ago
Deaths812 years ago

1380 - Elizabeth of Poland, queen consort of Hungary (b. 1305)

Deaths640 years ago

1416 - Mathew Swetenham, bow bearer of Henry IV

Deaths604 years ago

1550 - Bhuvanaikabahu VII, King of Kotte (b. 1468)

Deaths470 years ago

1563 - Sebastian Castellio, French preacher and theologian (b. 1515)

Deaths457 years ago

1565 - Queen Munjeong of Korea (b. 1501)

Deaths455 years ago

1606 - Stephen Bocskay, Prince of Transylvania (b. 1557)

Deaths414 years ago

1634 - John Albert Vasa, Polish cardinal (b. 1612)

Deaths386 years ago

1661 - Antoine Girard de Saint-Amant, French poet (b. 1594)

Deaths359 years ago

1689 - Thomas Sydenham, English physician and author (b. 1624)

Deaths331 years ago

1720 - Maria Margarethe Kirch, German astronomer and educator (b. 1670)

Deaths300 years ago

1731 - Brook Taylor, English mathematician and theorist (b. 1685)

Deaths289 years ago

1737 - Joseph Saurin, French minister and mathematician (b. 1659)

Deaths283 years ago

1785 - Johan Herman Wessel, Norwegian-Danish poet and playwright (b. 1742)

Deaths235 years ago

1807 - Diogo de Carvalho e Sampayo, Portuguese diplomat and scientist (b. 1750)

Deaths213 years ago

1815 - Sarah Baartman, Khoikhoi woman (b. 1789)

Deaths205 years ago

1825 - Jacques-Louis David, French painter and illustrator (b. 1748)

Deaths195 years ago

1887 - Ferdinand Johann Wiedemann, Estonian-Russian linguist and botanist (b. 1805)

Deaths133 years ago

1890 - Spotted Elk, American tribal leader (b. 1826)

Deaths130 years ago

1891 - Leopold Kronecker, Polish-German mathematician and academic (b. 1823)

Deaths129 years ago

1894 - Christina Rossetti, English poet and hymn-writer (b. 1830)

Deaths126 years ago

1897 - William James Linton, English-American painter, author, and activist (b. 1812)

Deaths123 years ago

1900 - John Henry Leech, English entomologist (b. 1862)

Deaths120 years ago

1910 - Reginald Doherty, English tennis player (b. 1872)

Deaths110 years ago

1924 - Carl Spitteler, Swiss poet and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1845)

Deaths96 years ago

1925 - Félix Vallotton, Swiss/French painter (b. 1865)

Deaths95 years ago

1926 - Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet and author (b. 1875)

Deaths94 years ago

1929 - Wilhelm Maybach, German engineer and businessman, founded Maybach (b. 1846)

Deaths91 years ago

1937 - Don Marquis, American journalist, author, and playwright (b. 1878)

Deaths83 years ago

1941 - Tullio Levi-Civita, Italian mathematician and scholar (b. 1873)

Deaths79 years ago

1944 - Khasan Israilov, Chechen rebel (b. 1910)

Deaths76 years ago

1949 - Tyler Dennett, American historian and author (b. 1883)

Deaths71 years ago

1952 - Fletcher Henderson, American pianist, composer, and bandleader (b. 1897)

Deaths68 years ago

1959 - Robin Milford, English soldier and composer (b. 1903)

Deaths61 years ago

1960 - Eden Phillpotts, English author and poet (b. 1862)

Deaths60 years ago

1967 - Paul Whiteman, American violinist, composer, and conductor (b. 1890)

Deaths53 years ago

1968 - Austin Farrer, English theologian and philosopher (b. 1904)

Deaths52 years ago

1970 - Marie Menken, American director and painter (b. 1909)

Deaths50 years ago

1972 - Joseph Cornell, American sculptor and director (b. 1903)

Deaths48 years ago

1972 - Chrysostomos Papasarantopoulos, Greek priest and missionary (b. 1903)

Deaths48 years ago

1976 - Ivo Van Damme, Belgian runner (b. 1954)

Deaths44 years ago

1980 - Nadezhda Mandelstam, Russian author and educator (b. 1899)

Deaths40 years ago

1981 - Miroslav Krleža, Croatian author, poet, and playwright (b. 1893)

Deaths39 years ago

1986 - Harold Macmillan, English captain and politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1894)

Deaths34 years ago

1986 - Andrei Tarkovsky, Russian director and screenwriter (b. 1932)

Deaths34 years ago

1988 - Mike Beuttler, Egyptian race car driver (b. 1940)

Deaths32 years ago

1996 - Mireille Hartuch, French singer-songwriter and actress (b. 1906)

Deaths24 years ago

1998 - Jean-Claude Forest, French author and illustrator (b. 1930)

Deaths22 years ago

1999 - Leon Radzinowicz, Polish-English criminologist and academic (b. 1906)

Deaths21 years ago

2000 - Adele Stimmel Chase, American sculptor and painter (b. 1917)

Deaths20 years ago

2001 - Takashi Asahina, Japanese conductor (b. 1908)

Deaths19 years ago

2003 - Bob Monkhouse, English comedian, actor, and game show host (b. 1928)

Deaths17 years ago

2004 - Julius Axelrod, American biochemist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1912)

Deaths16 years ago

2004 - Ken Burkhart, American baseball player and umpire (b. 1915)

Deaths16 years ago

2007 - Phil O'Donnell, Scottish footballer (b. 1972)

Deaths13 years ago

2008 - Freddie Hubbard, American trumpet player and composer (b. 1938)

Deaths12 years ago

2009 - Steven Williams, American professional wrestler (b. 1960)

Deaths11 years ago

2010 - Avi Cohen, Israeli footballer and manager (b. 1956)

Deaths10 years ago

2012 - Tony Greig, South African-Australian cricketer and sportscaster (b. 1946)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Roland Griffiths-Marsh, Australian soldier and author (b. 1923)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Edward Meneeley, American painter and sculptor (b. 1927)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Paulo Rocha, Portuguese director and screenwriter (b. 1935)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Bruce Stark, American cartoonist (b. 1933)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - C. T. Hsia, Chinese-American critic and scholar (b. 1921)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Benjamin Curtis, American guitarist, drummer, and songwriter (b. 1978)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Connie Dierking, American basketball player (b. 1936)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Eero Mäntyranta, Finnish skier (b. 1937)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Jagadish Mohanty, Indian author and translator (b. 1951)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Wojciech Kilar, Polish classical and film music composer (b. 1932)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Hari Harilela, Indian-Hong Kong businessman and philanthropist (b. 1922)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Juanito Remulla, Sr., Filipino lawyer and politician, Governor of Cavite (b. 1933)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Om Prakash Malhotra, Indian general and politician, 25th Governor of Punjab (b. 1922)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Pavel Srníček, Czech footballer and coach (b. 1968)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Keion Carpenter, American football defensive back (b. 1977)

Deaths4 years ago

2016 - LaVell Edwards, American football head coach (b. 1930)

Deaths4 years ago

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David, King and prophet (Catholic, Lutheran)

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Christian feast day
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