Holidays and observances

European Day of the Righteous, commemorates those who have stood up against crimes against humanity and totalitarism with their own moral responsibility. (Europe)

Holidays and observances

Foundation Day (Norfolk Island), the founding of Norfolk Island in 1788.

Holidays and observances

Independence Day (Ghana), celebrates the independence of Ghana from the UK in 1957.

Holidays and observances

The Day of the Dude, celebrated by the adherents of Dudeism

Holidays and observances


12 BC - The Roman Emperor Augustus is named Pontifex Maximus, incorporating the position into that of the emperor.


632 - The Farewell Sermon (Khutbah, Khutbatul Wada') of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.


845 - Execution of the 42 Martyrs of Amorium at Samarra.


961 - Byzantine conquest of Chandax by Nikephoros Phokas, end of the Emirate of Crete.


1204 - The Siege of Château Gaillard ends in a French victory over King John of England, who loses control of Normandy to King Philip II Augustus.

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1454 - Thirteen Years' War: Delegates of the Prussian Confederation pledge allegiance to King Casimir IV of Poland who agrees to commit his forces in aiding the Confederation's struggle for independence from the Teutonic Knights.

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1521 - Ferdinand Magellan arrives at Guam.

Events499 years ago

1665 - The first joint Secretary of the Royal Society, Henry Oldenburg, publishes the first issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the world's longest-running scientific journal.

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1788 - The First Fleet arrives at Norfolk Island in order to found a convict settlement.

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1820 - The Missouri Compromise is signed into law by President James Monroe. The compromise allows Missouri to enter the Union as a slave state, brings Maine into the Union as a free state, and makes the rest of the northern part of the Louisiana Purchase territory slavery-free.

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1834 - York, Upper Canada, is incorporated as Toronto.

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1836 - Texas Revolution: Battle of the Alamo - After a thirteen-day siege by an army of 3,000 Mexican troops, the 187 Texas volunteers, including frontiersman Davy Crockett and colonel Jim Bowie, defending the Alamo are killed and the fort is captured.

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1869 - Dmitri Mendeleev presents the first periodic table to the Russian Chemical Society.

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1882 - The Serbian kingdom is re-founded.

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1899 - Bayer registers "Aspirin" as a trademark.

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1902 - Real Madrid CF is founded.

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1912 - Italo-Turkish War: Italian forces become the first to use airships in war, as two dirigibles drop bombs on Turkish troops encamped at Janzur, from an altitude of 6,000 feet.

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1921 - Portuguese Communist Party is founded as the Portuguese Section of the Communist International.

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1930 - International Unemployment Day demonstrations globally initiated by the Comintern.

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1933 - Great Depression: President Franklin D. Roosevelt declares a "bank holiday", closing all U.S. banks and freezing all financial transactions.

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1943 - Norman Rockwell published Freedom from Want in The Saturday Evening Post with a matching essay by Carlos Bulosan as part of the Four Freedoms series.

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1943 - World War II: The Battle of Fardykambos, one of the first major battles between the Greek Resistance and the occupying Royal Italian Army, ends with the surrender of an entire Italian battalion, the bulk of the garrison of the town of Grevena, leading to its liberation a fortnight later.

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1944 - World War II: Soviet Air Forces bomb an evacuated town of Narva in German-occupied Estonia, destroying the entire historical Swedish-era town.

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1945 - World War II: Cologne is captured by American troops.

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1945 - World War II: Operation Spring Awakening, the last major German offensive of the war, begins.

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1946 - Ho Chi Minh signs an agreement with France which recognizes Vietnam as an autonomous state in the Indochinese Federation and the French Union.

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1951 - Cold War: The trial of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg begins.

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1957 - Ghana becomes the first Sub-Saharan country to gain independence from the British.

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1964 - Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad officially gives boxing champion Cassius Clay the name Muhammad Ali.

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1964 - Constantine II becomes King of Greece.

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1965 - Premier Tom Playford of South Australia loses power after 27 years in office.

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1967 - Cold War: Joseph Stalin's daughter Svetlana Alliluyeva defects to the United States.

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1968 - Three rebels are executed by Rhodesia, the first executions since UDI, prompting international condemnation.

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1970 - An explosion at the Weather Underground safe house in Greenwich Village kills three.

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1975 - For the first time the Zapruder film of the assassination of John F. Kennedy is shown in motion to a national TV audience by Robert J. Groden and Dick Gregory.

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1975 - Algiers Accord: Iran and Iraq announce a settlement of their border dispute.

Events45 years ago

1983 - The first United States Football League games are played.

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1984 - In the United Kingdom, a walkout at Cortonwood Colliery in Brampton Bierlow signals the start of a strike that lasted almost a year and involved the majority of the country's miners.

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1987 - The British ferry MS Herald of Free Enterprise capsizes in about 90 seconds, killing 193.

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1988 - Three Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteers are shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar in Operation Flavius.

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1992 - The Michelangelo computer virus begins to affect computers.

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2003 - Air Algérie Flight 6289 crashes at the Aguenar – Hadj Bey Akhamok Airport in Tamanrasset, Algeria, killing 102 out of the 103 people on board.

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2008 - A suicide bomber kills 68 people (including first responders) in Baghdad on the same day that a gunman kills eight students in Jerusalem.

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1340 - John of Gaunt (d. 1399)

Births680 years ago

1405 - John II of Castile (d. 1454)

Births615 years ago

1459 - Jakob Fugger, German merchant and banker (d. 1525)

Births561 years ago

1475 - Michelangelo, Italian painter and sculptor (d. 1564)

Births545 years ago

1483 - Francesco Guicciardini, Italian historian and politician (d. 1540)

Births537 years ago

1493 - Juan Luis Vives, Spanish scholar and humanist (d. 1540)

Births527 years ago

1495 - Luigi Alamanni, Italian poet and diplomat (d. 1556)

Births525 years ago

1536 - Santi di Tito, Italian painter (d. 1603)

Births484 years ago

1619 - Cyrano de Bergerac, French author and playwright (d. 1655)

Births401 years ago

1663 - Francis Atterbury, English bishop and poet (d. 1732)

Births357 years ago

1706 - George Pocock, English admiral (d. 1792)

Births314 years ago

1716 - Pehr Kalm, Swedish-Finnish botanist and explorer (d. 1779)

Births304 years ago

1724 - Henry Laurens, English-American merchant and politician, 5th President of the Continental Congress (d. 1792)

Births296 years ago

1761 - Antoine-François Andréossy, French general and diplomat (d. 1828)

Births259 years ago

1779 - Antoine-Henri Jomini, Swiss-French general (d. 1869)

Births241 years ago

1780 - Lucy Barnes, American writer (d. 1809)

Births240 years ago

1785 - Karol Kurpiński, Polish composer and conductor (d. 1857)

Births235 years ago

1787 - Joseph von Fraunhofer, German physicist and astronomer (d. 1826)

Births233 years ago

1806 - Elizabeth Barrett Browning, English-Italian poet and translator (d. 1861)

Births214 years ago

1812 - Aaron Lufkin Dennison, American businessman, co-founded the Waltham Watch Company (d. 1895)

Births208 years ago
Births203 years ago

1818 - William Claflin, American businessman and politician, 27th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1905)

Births202 years ago
Births197 years ago

1831 - Philip Sheridan, Irish-American general (d. 1888)

Births189 years ago

1834 - George du Maurier, French-English author and illustrator (d. 1896)

Births186 years ago

1841 - Viktor Burenin, Russian author, poet, playwright, and critic (d. 1926)

Births179 years ago

1849 - Georg Luger, Austrian gun designer, designed the Luger pistol (d. 1923)

Births171 years ago

1864 - Richard Rushall, British businessman (d. 1953)

Births156 years ago

1870 - Oscar Straus, Viennese composer and conductor (d. 1954)

Births150 years ago

1871 - Afonso Costa, Portuguese lawyer and politician, 59th Prime Minister of Portugal (d. 1937)

Births149 years ago

1872 - Ben Harney, American pianist and composer (d. 1938)

Births148 years ago

1879 - Jimmy Hunter, New Zealand rugby player (d. 1962)

Births141 years ago

1882 - F. Burrall Hoffman, American architect, co-designed Villa Vizcaya (d. 1980)

Births138 years ago

1882 - Guy Kibbee, American actor and singer (d. 1956)

Births138 years ago

1884 - Molla Mallory, Norwegian-American tennis player (d. 1959)

Births136 years ago

1885 - Ring Lardner, American journalist and author (d. 1933)

Births135 years ago

1886 - Jam Handy, American swimmer and water polo player (d. 1983)

Births134 years ago

1886 - Nella Walker, American actress and vaudevillian (d. 1971)

Births134 years ago

1893 - Furry Lewis, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1981)

Births127 years ago

1893 - Ella P. Stewart, pioneering Black American pharmacist (d. 1987)

Births127 years ago

1895 - Albert Tessier, Canadian priest and historian (d. 1976)

Births125 years ago

1898 - Gus Sonnenberg, American football player and wrestler (d. 1944)

Births122 years ago

1900 - Gina Cigna, French-Italian soprano and actress (d. 2001)

Births120 years ago

1900 - Lefty Grove, American baseball player (d. 1975)

Births120 years ago

1900 - Henri Jeanson, French journalist and author (d. 1970)

Births120 years ago

1903 - Empress Kōjun of Japan (d. 2000)

Births117 years ago

1904 - José Antonio Aguirre, Spanish lawyer and politician, 1st President of the Basque Country (d. 1960)

Births116 years ago

1905 - Bob Wills, American Western swing musician, songwriter, and bandleader (d. 1975)

Births115 years ago

1906 - Lou Costello, American actor and comedian (d. 1959)

Births114 years ago

1909 - Obafemi Awolowo, Nigerian lawyer and politician (d. 1987)

Births111 years ago

1909 - Stanisław Jerzy Lec, Polish poet and author (d. 1966)

Births111 years ago

1910 - Ella Logan, Scottish-American singer and actress (d. 1969)

Births110 years ago

1912 - Mohammed Burhanuddin, Indian spiritual leader, 52nd Da'i al-Mutlaq (d. 2014)

Births108 years ago

1917 - Donald Davidson, American philosopher and academic (d. 2003)

Births103 years ago

1917 - Will Eisner, American illustrator and publisher (d. 2005)

Births103 years ago

1917 - Frankie Howerd, English comedian (d. 1992)

Births103 years ago

1918 - Howard McGhee, American trumpeter (d. 1987)

Births102 years ago

1920 - Lewis Gilbert, English director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2018)

Births100 years ago

1921 - Leo Bretholz, Austrian-American holocaust survivor and author (d. 2014)

Births99 years ago

1923 - Ed McMahon, American comedian, game show host, and announcer (d. 2009)

Births97 years ago

1923 - Wes Montgomery, American guitarist and songwriter (d. 1968)

Births97 years ago

1924 - Ottmar Walter, German footballer (d. 2013)

Births96 years ago

1924 - William H. Webster, American lawyer and jurist, 14th Director of Central Intelligence

Births96 years ago

1926 - Ann Curtis, American swimmer (d. 2012)

Births94 years ago

1926 - Alan Greenspan, American economist and politician

Births94 years ago

1926 - Ray O'Connor, Australian politician, 22nd Premier of Western Australia (d. 2013)

Births94 years ago

1926 - Andrzej Wajda, Polish director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2016)

Births94 years ago

1927 - William J. Bell, American screenwriter and producer (d. 2005)

Births93 years ago

1927 - Gordon Cooper, American engineer, pilot, and astronaut (d. 2004)

Births93 years ago

1927 - Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian journalist and author, Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2014)

Births93 years ago

1929 - Tom Foley, American lawyer and politician, 57th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 2013)

Births91 years ago

1929 - David Sheppard, English cricketer and bishop (d. 2005)

Births91 years ago

1930 - Lorin Maazel, French-American violinist, composer, and conductor (d. 2014)

Births90 years ago

1932 - Marc Bazin, Haitian lawyer and politician, 49th President of Haiti (d. 2010)

Births88 years ago

1932 - Bronisław Geremek, Polish historian and politician, Polish Minister of Foreign Affairs (d. 2008)

Births88 years ago

1933 - Ted Abernathy, American baseball player (d. 2004)

Births87 years ago

1933 - William Davis, German-English journalist and economist (d. 2019)

Births87 years ago

1933 - Augusto Odone, Italian economist and inventor of Lorenzo's oil (d. 2013)

Births87 years ago

1934 - Red Simpson, American singer-songwriter (d. 2016)

Births86 years ago

1935 - Ron Delany, Irish runner and coach

Births85 years ago

1935 - Derek Kevan, English footballer (d. 2013)

Births85 years ago

1936 - Bob Akin, American race car driver and journalist (d. 2002)

Births84 years ago

1936 - Marion Barry, American lawyer and politician, 2nd Mayor of the District of Columbia (d. 2014)

Births84 years ago

1936 - Choummaly Sayasone, Laotian politician, 5th President of Laos

Births84 years ago

1937 - Ivan Boesky, American businessman

Births83 years ago

1937 - Valentina Tereshkova, Russian general, pilot, and astronaut

Births83 years ago

1938 - Keishu Tanaka, Japanese politician, 17th Japanese Minister of Justice

Births82 years ago

1939 - Kit Bond, American lawyer and politician, 47th Governor of Missouri

Births81 years ago

1939 - Adam Osborne, Thai-Indian engineer and businessman, founded the Osborne Computer Corporation (d. 2003)

Births81 years ago

1940 - Ken Danby, Canadian painter (d. 2007)

Births80 years ago

1940 - Joanna Miles, French-born American actress

Births80 years ago

1940 - R. H. Sikes, American golfer

Births80 years ago

1940 - Willie Stargell, American baseball player and coach (d. 2001)

Births80 years ago

1940 - Jeff Wooller, English accountant and banker

Births80 years ago

1941 - Peter Brötzmann, German saxophonist and clarinet player

Births79 years ago

1941 - Marilyn Strathern, Welsh anthropologist and academic

Births79 years ago

1942 - Ben Murphy, American actor

Births78 years ago

1944 - Richard Corliss, American journalist and critic (d. 2015)

Births76 years ago

1944 - Kiri Te Kanawa, New Zealand soprano and actress

Births76 years ago

1944 - Mary Wilson, American singer

Births76 years ago

1945 - Angelo Castro, Jr., Filipino actor and journalist (d. 2012)

Births75 years ago

1946 - David Gilmour, English singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births74 years ago

1946 - Richard Noble, Scottish race car driver and businessman

Births74 years ago

1947 - Kiki Dee, English singer-songwriter

Births73 years ago

1947 - Dick Fosbury, American high jumper

Births73 years ago

1947 - Anna Maria Horsford, American actress

Births73 years ago

1947 - Rob Reiner, American actor, director, producer, and activist

Births73 years ago

1947 - Jean Seaton, English historian and academic

Births73 years ago

1947 - John Stossel, American journalist and author

Births73 years ago

1948 - Stephen Schwartz, American composer and producer

Births72 years ago

1949 - Shaukat Aziz, Pakistani economist and politician, 15th Prime Minister of Pakistan

Births71 years ago

1949 - Martin Buchan, Scottish footballer and manager

Births71 years ago

1950 - Arthur Roche, English archbishop

Births70 years ago

1951 - Gerrie Knetemann, Dutch cyclist (d. 2004)

Births69 years ago

1952 - Denis Napthine, Australian politician, 47th Premier of Victoria

Births68 years ago

1953 - Madhav Kumar Nepal, Nepali banker and politician, 34th Prime Minister of Nepal

Births67 years ago

1953 - Carolyn Porco, American astronomer and academic

Births67 years ago

1954 - Jeff Greenwald, American author, photographer, and monologist

Births66 years ago

1954 - Harald Schumacher, German footballer and manager

Births66 years ago

1953 - Phil Alvin, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Blasters)

Births67 years ago

1955 - Cyprien Ntaryamira, Burundian politician, 5th President of Burundi (d. 1994)

Births65 years ago

1955 - Alberta Watson, Canadian actress (d. 2015)

Births65 years ago

1956 - Peter Roebuck, English cricketer, journalist, and sportcaster (d. 2011)

Births64 years ago

1956 - Steve Vizard, Australian television host, actor, and producer

Births64 years ago

1960 - Sleepy Floyd, American basketball player and coach

Births60 years ago

1962 - Alison Nicholas, British golfer

Births58 years ago

1963 - D. L. Hughley, American actor, producer, and screenwriter

Births57 years ago

1965 - Allan Bateman, Welsh rugby player

Births55 years ago

1965 - Jim Knight, English politician

Births55 years ago

1966 - Alan Davies, English comedian, actor and screenwriter

Births54 years ago

1967 - Julio Bocca, Argentinian ballet dancer and director

Births53 years ago

1967 - Connie Britton, American actress

Births53 years ago

1967 - Glenn Greenwald, American journalist and author

Births53 years ago

1967 - Shuler Hensley, American actor and singer

Births53 years ago

1968 - Moira Kelly, American actress and director

Births52 years ago

1971 - Darrick Martin, American basketball player and coach

Births49 years ago

1972 - Shaquille O'Neal, American basketball player, actor, and rapper

Births48 years ago

1972 - Jaret Reddick, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor

Births48 years ago

1973 - Michael Finley, American basketball player

Births47 years ago

1973 - Peter Lindgren, Swedish guitarist and songwriter

Births47 years ago

1973 - Greg Ostertag, American basketball player

Births47 years ago

1973 - Trent Willmon, American singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births47 years ago

1974 - Guy Garvey, English singer-songwriter and guitarist

Births46 years ago

1974 - Matthew Guy, Australian politician

Births46 years ago

1974 - Brad Schumacher, American swimmer

Births46 years ago

1974 - Beanie Sigel, American rapper

Births46 years ago

1975 - Aracely Arámbula, Mexican actress and singer

Births45 years ago

1975 - Yannick Nézet-Séguin, Canadian pianist and conductor

Births45 years ago

1976 - Ken Anderson, American wrestler and actor

Births44 years ago

1977 - Nantie Hayward, South African cricketer

Births43 years ago

1977 - Giorgos Karagounis, Greek footballer

Births43 years ago

1977 - Shabani Nonda, DR Congolese footballer

Births43 years ago

1977 - Marcus Thames, American baseball player and coach

Births43 years ago

1978 - Sage Rosenfels, American football player

Births42 years ago

1978 - Chad Wicks, American wrestler

Births42 years ago

1979 - Clint Barmes, American baseball player

Births41 years ago

1979 - Érik Bédard, Canadian baseball player

Births41 years ago

1979 - David Flair, American wrestler

Births41 years ago

1979 - Tim Howard, American soccer player

Births41 years ago

1980 - Emílson Cribari, Brazilian footballer

Births40 years ago

1981 - Ellen Muth, American actress

Births39 years ago

1983 - Andranik Teymourian, Armenian-Iranian footballer

Births37 years ago

1984 - Daniël de Ridder, Dutch footballer

Births36 years ago

1984 - Eskil Pedersen, Norwegian politician

Births36 years ago

1984 - Chris Tomson, American drummer

Births36 years ago

1985 - Bakaye Traoré, French-Malian footballer

Births35 years ago

1986 - Jake Arrieta, American baseball player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Francisco Cervelli, Venezuelan-Italian baseball player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Ross Detwiler, American baseball player

Births34 years ago

1986 - Eli Marienthal, American actor

Births34 years ago

1986 - Charlie Mulgrew, Scottish footballer

Births34 years ago

1987 - Kevin-Prince Boateng, Ghanaian-German footballer

Births33 years ago

1987 - José Manuel Flores, Spanish footballer

Births33 years ago

1988 - Agnes Carlsson, Swedish singer

Births32 years ago

1988 - Marina Erakovic, New Zealand tennis player

Births32 years ago

1988 - Simon Mignolet, Belgian footballer

Births32 years ago

1989 - Agnieszka Radwańska, Polish tennis player

Births31 years ago

1991 - Lex Luger, American keyboard player and producer

Births29 years ago

1991 - Emma McDougall, English footballer (d. 2013)

Births29 years ago

1991 - Tyler Gregory Okonma, American rapper

Births29 years ago

1993 - Andrés Rentería, Colombian footballer

Births27 years ago

1994 - Nathan Redmond, English footballer

Births26 years ago

1994 - Marcus Smart, American basketball player

Births26 years ago

1994 - Wesley Hoedt, Dutch footballer

Births26 years ago

1995 - Georgi Kitanov, Bulgarian footballer

Births25 years ago

1996 - Tyrell Fuimaono, Australian rugby league player

Births24 years ago

1996 - Timo Werner, German footballer

Births24 years ago


190 - Liu Bian (poisoned by Dong Zhuo) (b. 176)


653 - Li Ke, prince of the Tang Dynasty (b. 619)


766 - Chrodegang, Frankish bishop and saint


903 - Lu Guangqi, Chinese official and chancellor


903 - Su Jian, Chinese official and chancellor

Deaths1117 years ago
Deaths950 years ago

1251 - Rose of Viterbo, Italian saint (b. 1235)

Deaths769 years ago

1466 - Alvise Loredan, Venetian admiral and statesman (b. 1393)

Deaths554 years ago

1490 - Ivan the Young, Ruler of Tver (b. 1458)

Deaths530 years ago

1531 - Pedro Arias Dávila, Spanish explorer and diplomat (b. 1440)

Deaths489 years ago

1616 - Francis Beaumont, English playwright (b. 1584)

Deaths404 years ago

1754 - Henry Pelham, English politician, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (b. 1694)

Deaths266 years ago
Deaths262 years ago
Deaths256 years ago

1796 - Guillaume Thomas François Raynal, French historian and author (b. 1713)

Deaths224 years ago

1836 - Deaths at the Battle of the Alamo:James Bonham, American lawyer and soldier (b. 1807)

Deaths184 years ago

1836 - Deaths at the Battle of the Alamo:James Bowie, American colonel (b. 1796)

Deaths184 years ago

1836 - Deaths at the Battle of the Alamo:Davy Crockett, American soldier and politician (b. 1786)

Deaths184 years ago

1836 - Deaths at the Battle of the Alamo:William B. Travis, American lieutenant colonel and lawyer (b. 1809)

Deaths184 years ago
Deaths166 years ago

1866 - William Whewell, English priest, historian, and philosopher (b. 1794)

Deaths154 years ago

1867 - Charles Farrar Browne, American-English author and educator (b. 1834)

Deaths153 years ago

1888 - Louisa May Alcott, American novelist and poet (b. 1832)

Deaths132 years ago

1895 - Camilla Collett, Norwegian novelist and activist (b. 1813)

Deaths125 years ago

1899 - Kaʻiulani of Hawaii (b. 1875)

Deaths121 years ago

1900 - Gottlieb Daimler, German engineer and businessman, co-founded Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (b. 1834)

Deaths120 years ago

1905 - John Henninger Reagan, American surveyor, judge, and politician, 3rd Confederate States of America Secretary of the Treasury (b. 1818)

Deaths115 years ago

1905 - Makar Yekmalyan, Armenian composer (b. 1856)

Deaths115 years ago

1919 - Oskars Kalpaks, Latvian colonel (b. 1882)

Deaths101 years ago

1920 - Ömer Seyfettin, Turkish author and educator (b. 1884)

Deaths100 years ago

1932 - John Philip Sousa, American conductor and composer (b. 1854)

Deaths88 years ago

1933 - Anton Cermak, Czech-American lawyer and politician, 44th Mayor of Chicago (b. 1873)

Deaths87 years ago

1935 - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., American colonel, lawyer, and jurist (b. 1841)

Deaths85 years ago

1939 - Ferdinand von Lindemann, German mathematician and academic (b. 1852)

Deaths81 years ago

1941 - Francis Aveling, Canadian priest, psychologist, and author (b. 1875)

Deaths79 years ago

1941 - Gutzon Borglum, American sculptor and academic, designed Mount Rushmore (b. 1867)

Deaths79 years ago

1948 - Ross Lockridge, Jr., American author, poet, and academic (b. 1914)

Deaths72 years ago

1948 - Alice Woodby McKane, First Black woman doctor in Savannah, Georgia (b. 1865)

Deaths72 years ago

1950 - Albert François Lebrun, French engineer and politician, 15th President of France (b. 1871)

Deaths70 years ago

1951 - Ivor Novello, Welsh singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1893)

Deaths69 years ago

1951 - Volodymyr Vynnychenko, Ukrainian playwright and politician, Prime Minister of Ukraine (b. 1880)

Deaths69 years ago

1952 - Jürgen Stroop, German general (b. 1895)

Deaths68 years ago

1955 - Mammad Amin Rasulzade, Azerbaijani scholar and politician (b. 1884)

Deaths65 years ago

1961 - George Formby, English singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1904)

Deaths59 years ago

1964 - Paul of Greece (b. 1901)

Deaths56 years ago

1965 - Margaret Dumont, American actress (b. 1889)

Deaths55 years ago

1967 - John Haden Badley, English author and educator, founded the Bedales School (b. 1865)

Deaths53 years ago

1967 - Nelson Eddy, American actor and singer (b. 1901)

Deaths53 years ago

1967 - Zoltán Kodály, Hungarian composer, linguist, and philosopher (b. 1882)

Deaths53 years ago

1970 - William Hopper, American actor (b. 1915)

Deaths50 years ago

1973 - Pearl S. Buck, American novelist, essayist, short story writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1892)

Deaths47 years ago

1974 - Ernest Becker, American anthropologist and author (b. 1924)

Deaths46 years ago

1976 - Maxie Rosenbloom, American boxer (b. 1903)

Deaths44 years ago

1977 - Alvin R. Dyer, American religious leader (b. 1903)

Deaths43 years ago

1978 - Dennis Viollet, English-American soccer player and manager (b. 1933)

Deaths42 years ago

1981 - George Geary, English cricketer and coach (b. 1893)

Deaths39 years ago

1981 - Rambhau Mhalgi, Indian politician and member of the Lok Sabha (b. 9 July 1921)

Deaths39 years ago

1982 - Ayn Rand, Russian-American philosopher, author, and playwright (b. 1905)

Deaths38 years ago

1984 - Billy Collins, Jr., American boxer (b. 1961)

Deaths36 years ago

1984 - Martin Niemöller, German pastor and theologian (b. 1892)

Deaths36 years ago

1984 - Homer N. Wallin, American admiral (b. 1893)

Deaths36 years ago

1984 - Henry Wilcoxon, Dominican-American actor and producer (b. 1905)

Deaths36 years ago

1986 - Georgia O'Keeffe, American painter (b. 1887)

Deaths34 years ago

1988 - Mairéad Farrell, Provisional IRA volunteer (b. 1957)

Deaths32 years ago

1988 - Daniel McCann, Provisional IRA volunteer (b. 1957)

Deaths32 years ago

1988 - Seán Savage, Provisional IRA volunteer (b. 1965)

Deaths32 years ago

1994 - Melina Mercouri, Greek actress and politician, 9th Greek Minister of Culture (b. 1920)

Deaths26 years ago

1997 - Cheddi Jagan, Guyanese politician, 4th President of Guyana (b. 1918)

Deaths23 years ago

1997 - Michael Manley, Jamaican soldier, pilot, and politician, 4th Prime Minister of Jamaica (b. 1924)

Deaths23 years ago

1997 - Ursula Torday, English author (b. 1912)

Deaths23 years ago

1999 - Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Bahrain king (b. 1933)

Deaths21 years ago

2000 - John Colicos, Canadian actor (b. 1928)

Deaths20 years ago

2002 - Bryan Fogarty, Canadian ice hockey player (b. 1969)

Deaths18 years ago

2004 - Hercules, American wrestler (b. 1957)

Deaths16 years ago

2004 - Frances Dee, American actress (b. 1909)

Deaths16 years ago

2005 - Hans Bethe, German-American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1906)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Danny Gardella, American baseball player and trainer (b. 1920)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Tommy Vance, English radio host (b. 1943)

Deaths15 years ago

2005 - Teresa Wright, American actress (b. 1918)

Deaths15 years ago

2006 - Anne Braden, American journalist and activist (b. 1924)

Deaths14 years ago

2006 - Kirby Puckett, American baseball player and sportscaster (b. 1960)

Deaths14 years ago

2007 - Jean Baudrillard, French photographer and theorist (b. 1929)

Deaths13 years ago

2007 - Ernest Gallo, American businessman, co-founded E & J Gallo Winery (b. 1909)

Deaths13 years ago

2008 - Peter Poreku Dery, Ghanaian cardinal (b. 1918)

Deaths12 years ago

2009 - Francis Magalona, Filipino rapper, producer, and actor (b. 1964)

Deaths11 years ago

2010 - Endurance Idahor, Nigerian footballer (b. 1984)

Deaths10 years ago

2010 - Mark Linkous, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (b. 1962)

Deaths10 years ago

2010 - Betty Millard, American philanthropist and activist (b. 1911)

Deaths10 years ago

2012 - Francisco Xavier do Amaral, East Timorese politician, 1st President of East Timor (b. 1937)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Louis J. Michot, American businessman, philanthropist, and politician (b. 1922)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Donald M. Payne, American businessman and politician (b. 1934)

Deaths8 years ago

2012 - Helen Walulik, American baseball player (b. 1929)

Deaths8 years ago

2013 - Chorão, Brazilian singer-songwriter (Charlie Brown Jr.) (b. 1970)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Stompin' Tom Connors, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1936)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - Alvin Lee, English singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1944)

Deaths7 years ago

2013 - W. Wallace Cleland, American biochemist and academic (b. 1930)

Deaths7 years ago

2014 - Alemayehu Atomsa, Ethiopian educator and politician (b. 1969)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Frank Jobe, American soldier and surgeon (b. 1925)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Sheila MacRae, English-American actress, singer, and dancer (b. 1921)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Martin Nesbitt, American lawyer and politician (b. 1946)

Deaths6 years ago

2014 - Manlio Sgalambro, Italian philosopher, author, and poet (b. 1924)

Deaths6 years ago

2015 - Fred Craddock, American minister and academic (b. 1928)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Ram Sundar Das, Indian lawyer and politician, 18th Chief Minister of Bihar (b. 1921)

Deaths5 years ago

2015 - Enrique "Coco" Vicéns, Puerto Rican-American basketball player and politician (b. 1926)

Deaths5 years ago

2016 - Nancy Reagan, American actress, 42nd First Lady of the United States (b. 1921)

Deaths4 years ago

2016 - Sheila Varian, American horse trainer and breeder (b. 1937)

Deaths4 years ago

2017 - Robert Osborne, American actor and historian (b. 1932)

Deaths3 years ago

2018 - Peter Nicholls, Australian science fiction critic and encyclopedist (b. 1939)

Deaths2 years ago

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